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Carrie Dahlby Wreckin' By The Book (The Cake Wrecks Song) 
My favorite website that I go to for laughs, besides the FuMP of course, is Cake Wrecks dot com, the blog devoted to professional cakes gone horribly, hilariously wrong. The popular site created by Jen Yates recently spawned a hardcover book of the same name which made the New York Times best seller list! Inspired by that site and another cake-related viral internet hit, I have written a parody of the song "Cooking By The Book" from the kid's show "Lazy Town", complete with the YouTube Li'l Jon NSFW Remix ending, with rap lyrics written and performed by the great Luke Ski! On the song, we also have appearances by the other 3 members of Cirque du So What?, ShoEboX of "Worm Quartet", Chris Mezzolesta of "Power Salad", Devo Spice, as well as Wyngarde from "The Nick Atoms"! And as if that isn't enough, we've also produced a full MUSIC VIDEO to go with it! So feel free to have your cake and eat it too by downloading the MP3, watching the video, telling all your online friends about it, and regularly visiting the Funny Music Project, a.k.a. the FuMP dot com, and Cake Wrecks dot com! Why, it's so easy, it's a piece of, well, you know.

Music and mastering by Chris Mezzolesta. Music video directed by Christopher "Pants" Morgan.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2010-03-16 ProjectSisyphus
Wow. Awesome video, "Super Bowel Sunday" was my favorite. Reminds me of another site I like called the "Gallery of Regrettable Food." NIce job all.
2010-03-16 Balder
The only possible word is "epic."
2010-03-16 PowerSalad
Holy crap, I've become a puppet. This is beyond FuMPalicious. This is the.....wait for it....icing on the cake!!! Haaaaa, he so funnyyyyy!
2010-03-16 MarissaGoldmark
Cute and Hilarious! Love the video too. :)
2010-03-16 JakeWaters
Great song and great video! I really enjoyed this one.
2010-03-16 djseamus
I picked up that book last time I was at Barnes and Nobel - what a great coffee table book it is! I was thinkin' of buying it, but then I realized I don't have am actual coffee table. "Chocolate fecal mounds" he he, nice rhyme their Devo, And Carrie - you have not lost that silky smooth voice you had when I first heard you on the Fump back in 2007. Superb as always.
2010-03-16 forestofthedead
Everything about this is awesome!
2010-03-18 Carrie Dahlby
Thanks for the comments, guys! DJSeamus, it's totally worth the purchase. The book is even funnier than the website. I had many laugh-out-loud moments with it.
2010-03-20 stucco lobster breadbox
Saw the video on the CakeWrecks site today. That's GREAT! Congratulations to all involved!
2010-03-21 JonnySpazzbourne
Cool song. Read the book at Borders.
2010-03-21 nick007
For some rezone the woman in this vid reminds of of Progressive.com. I don't know jack about baking but I mite could get into wreckin cakes LOL
2010-03-22 Knarf
Chibi Robo Wyngarde was awesome! And was that an Autobot logo on Puppet Devo's hat?
2010-04-05 Balder
Just wanted to add:
2010-04-09 voiceroy
Best Carrie Dahlby song evah. And that shoebox puppet rules! Also, that Lil' Jonski cameo was inspired.
2010-04-09 voiceroy
BTW, I used to like the Cake Wrecks site, but it's gotten so popular that too many entries seem staged and faked these days like people are just making weird cakes on purpose.
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