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Seamonkey Parody Like a Filk Star This song contains language that may be objectionable to some listeners and may not be suitable for radio broadcast.
featuring Tom Smith, Glenn Lixx, and Houzeman
Another bad rap song gets served up by Seamonkey, this time guitar circle style! The ridiculous "Party Like a Rock Star" gets ye olde FILK treatment and features filk legend Tom Smith actually rapping!! Round that out wit' tha crunk styling of Houzeman and the sweet filk-y lixx of guitarist Glenn Milam and you've got Seamonkey's first - and certain to be only - filk-rap song... and it's just as stupid as the original!!! Get filk wit it, yo! **PS, the "explicit" tag is for the female dog word and the donkey word, so technically there's really only 2 animal mentions to be worried about!**

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2007-10-12 devospice
Nicely done!
2007-10-12 Voice of Kiki
I like it. Can't believe you got Tom Smith to rap. Much awesomeness. I only have one question... There are filk hotties? :p
2007-10-12 djseamus
I haven't listend to this song yet, but I figured I'd just say hi. "Guitar circles"? I've heard of drum circles, but man, how boring would it be to see a bunch of guys all with acoustic guitars playing and singing "Will the Cicle Be Unbroken"? Very boring, indeed. Anyway , I cant' wait to hear Seamonkey's latest effort! Filk-rap...what a concept! he he. :^)
2007-10-12 wildcard9
Filker up!! Nice song too.
2007-10-12 lukeski
Yeah, filk-rap... what a concept! ;) Also, Voice of Kiki = filk hottie! :D Awesome cameo by MC Fenton, I mean, Tom Smith on this one! I look forward to seeing this one done live at Con on the Cob. Way to go, Seamonkey! :D
2007-10-12 DJ Particle
Agreed about Voice of Kiki ^.^v Great song, guys! :) Also, Tom Smith has rapped before, for example, the verses of "Rock Me Amidala" ;)
2007-10-12 Voice of Kiki
Luke and Particle: Lies! Lies! How dare you spread such things?!
2007-10-12 Jester
This has Awesome written all over the internet tubes!
2007-10-12 LoonieBin
I was about to say you were my hero, Seamonkey, for getting Tom to rap, but I see it's happened before. Well done on the song anyway.
2007-10-12 MarlinsGirl
This song is better than the original. Much Better.
2007-10-13 filkertom
I have indeed rapped before -- "Enterprising Man", for instance. And, yes, as Luke says, Voice of Kiki is a filk hottie. I can name a BUNCH of others. Life... is good.
2007-10-13 filkertom
... MC Fenton? Man, you just can't help starting trouble, can you? ;)
2007-10-15 djseamus
I have finally listened to this and It's awesome! And believe this is the first time I've heard a Fump song with a reggae beat....yeah mon, keep the reggae commin'! Great work Seamonkey, Tom, and the rest of the filk star gang!
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