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Steve Goodie Ice Cream Man 
It's springtime again! And that means the dude with the annoying musical truck will soon be plaguing the neighborhood with frozen treats.

This song features the vocal stylings of nine-year-old Max Dorris and seven-year-old Ayva Dorris [the two bestest step-kids in the whole world]. The idea for the song was Max's. He came home from school singing a very funny and very cruel little parody of Iron Man... something about running over fat kids in his van. I cracked up, and asked permission to make a whole production of it. Max said okay, and thereby unleashed the tempest you have before you. I tried to make it a little more politically correct than Max's version, but it's still probably offensive as heck. Sorry about that -- but it had to come out!

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2010-03-19 forestofthedead
2010-03-19 maxgoof
This is like the second time you and I have released parodies of the same song. And when you said "Max" I thought you meant me. Guess not. :) Funny how kids can inspire parodies, isn't it? Great song.
2010-03-19 weirdojace
This is beyond silly.

When I read the description I thought I was about to hear Max actually singing the whole song. You should do a version with him doing that. :P
2010-03-19 devospice
This is by far the most frantic version of Iron Man I've ever heard. I approve!
2010-03-19 Insane Ian
This is awesome. I agree with Jace, tho...we need to hear the Max Dorris version...
2010-03-20 dino-mike
Cute tune for sure.
2010-03-20 seamonkey
Steve Goodie, this is g0dd@mn awesome! Couldn't ya have squashed just [i]one[/i] kid for Max? Ok, ok, and me?
2010-03-21 stevegoodie
2010-03-21 stevegoodie
Hmmm... I seem to have left a blank comment above. What I meant to say was... I asked, I pleaded, and I begged... but Max Dorris isn't interested in singing this song for us. Sorry everyone... he's nine, and he's not gonna sing something just cause the grownups want him to. Alas!
2010-03-21 Balder
This falls squarely in the category of "Auuuugh, why didn't I think of this?!" Brilliant.
2010-03-21 nick007
I wonder how Ozzy would feel about this LOL Children used to be thin With too much freakin energy & just one chin Here they come again Huffin and a-puffin like Eric Cartman
2010-03-31 djseamus
I give this song two enthusiastic Ben's, and two equally enthusiastic Jerry's up! Killer parody Steve-G, and a superb job done by the kids. I broadcast special "food" shows regularly, so this one will be played on "Shillelagh Safari" for sure. Loved all the "sandwiches" you mentioned, and "Mom! Can I have fifty bucks"?
2010-04-04 Barnside
Outstanding !- Can I get a Crunchy Frog Surprise with extra barnacles? ...
2010-08-03 carlau
thanks for the VH quote! hilarious
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