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Project Sisyphus I've Got Garageband 
A few years ago, Apple developed their free "Garageband" software so that anyone who bought a Mac could instantly become a musician. Perhaps this wasn't such a great idea.

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2007-10-26 Hurricane
Heh, this is a catchy tune- it almost reminds me the Evil Dead: The Musical soundtrack. Possibly that connection is due to the time of the year though XD Nicely done though!
2007-10-26 devospice
Welcome aboard! I love this song. But we may have to explain it to a few Windows users. :)
2007-10-26 Spaff.com
Welcome, Bob. With a Rob (Balder) and a Robert (Lund), we needed a Bob. Now that you've broken the Bob barrier, the next FuMP members will probably be Bob Rivers and Bob Ricci. And the Bobs.
2007-10-26 dino-mike
-CLAP- -CLAP- -CLAP- That was amazingly phenominal. I love Garageband too... except when I get the spinning beachball of death.
2007-10-26 ProjectSisyphus
Thank you Hurricane, Spice, Spaff, and Dino-Mike! Forgot to mention 2 details: 1) This song was produced entirely with Garageband (as if it weren't obvious) and 2) Thanks to Wally Wingert for his awesome vocal performance.
2007-10-26 lukeski
That was Wally Wingert?! Cool! He was at CONvergence this year, but sadly I completely missed him. All hail the Tallest! The song / performance was reminiscent of Dennis DeYoung, or any of his contemporaries. You know, Styx of one, half a dozen of the other. :) Great song!
2007-10-26 seamonkey
Woah. It's bad pun day on the FuMP I see! Styx with music Luke, that was so funny I forgot to spaff!
But seriously folks... ANOTHER quality act on the FuMP? I'll be run out on a rail!
Really nice and moving song... *sniff!* Welcome welcome, I've now got a bad case of Sisyphus!!!
2007-10-26 djseamus
I liked how you included several different genres of music all in one song; "no talent hack..." my a@#$"! That's cool bassoon solo too, Bob. I sing my praises of the FuMP and Project Sisyphus for providing us with what could become a theme song for independent radio stations all across this great country of ours.
2007-10-26 ThatCrazyCajun
I have GarageBand too, but still haven't figured out how to compose music with it. Now after hearing your song, I begin to wonder if that wasn't for the best... Terrific!
2007-10-26 ProjectSisyphus
Thank you Cajun, Seamonkey and DJ! Seamonkey, don't go nowhere...we need you to explain where these "filk hotties" are...Hey Luke, funny you should say that about the vox
2007-10-26 DJ Particle
"Filk hotties" are usually found in their natural habitat: fan conventions. ;) Some notable ones include, but are not limited to, Carrie Dahlby, DJ EYG, Carla Ulbrich, Voice of Kiki, Beth Kinderman, etc ;)
2007-10-26 DJ Particle
Wait I need to do a disclaimer. "Filk hotties" may or may not be taken already. *heh*
2007-10-27 rick cormier
I also thought the vocal sounded a bit like Dennis DeYoung. Another great performance from Project Sisyphus!
2007-10-29 weirdojace
Awesome song!!! And I thought I heard Tallest Red in there. ;)
2007-10-29 TVsKyle
Well, you already know I like this one... despite being a Garageband user.
2007-10-29 Molakwae
I hope no one notices I use iMovie now... I could be in trouble....
2007-10-31 palenoue
Two weeks after a friend switched from windows to a Mac I got an excited email from him where he bounced around telling me how much fun he was having with iMovie iPhoto, but most of all, Garageband. I asked him to send me a song or two but he declined, saying "It's all crap, but it's the most fun crap I've done in a long time!"
2007-11-01 artpaul
I really like this song and how you add sound effects to it as you do the song. It's a brilliant song wish I had thought of it.
2007-11-02 chewy's brother
Great song. You got a CD I can buy? I'm interested enough to hear more songs.
2007-11-02 ProjectSisyphus
Thank you Emi, Rick, Weirodjace, Molakwae, Kyle and Art Paul! Palenoue, I love that story. Chewy's bro - we haven't made a "real" CD because we thought the costs of art work and duplication woul exceed our pitiful revenues, but the "album" is available in e-format on iTunes and Snocap (from our MySpace profile), should be on Rhapsody and Napster shortly.
2007-11-20 zefuldar
Nicely done! I use Logic Audio [express] for all my recording work(Garageband's big brother). --Z
2007-12-06 VeroniqueChevalier
Yikes! This song is so scarily like what is passing for musical theatre today. Give a listen to the nauseating hit song "Taylor the Latte Boy" and you'll hear what I mean...I MUCH prefer Bob's satire of this sort of formulaic pablum...Can't wait to see Project Sisyphus on Broadway instead of the crap they have nowadays.
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