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Cirque du So What Looking For Things: An Amazing New System! 
Sometimes you just can't find stuff. Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb! But that aside, Cirque du So What offers up An Amazing New System for finding stuff - it's called Looking For Things! Luke Ski parlays his real-life frustrations into yet another irresistible thing we must all partake in!! This is from the "Procrastinators of the Apocalypse" sessions and features Sara "Dement1a" Trice as the hapless looker-for-things who Sees The Light, Devo Spice as "Tim" [which means that ShoEboX is here in spirit], Luke Ski as himself in full infomercial glory, and Chris Mezzolesta of Power Salad as the usual TV announcer. Check out more of the group and pick up CDs and T-shirts at http://www.cirquedusowhat.net or http://www.baconnipples.com. OKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

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2010-07-06 Insane Ian
Oh, if only i had this system for my mother...
2010-07-06 devospice
I've been using this wonderful system for 3 weeks now and things have never been better! My teeth are whiter, my house smells fresh, and I got that stubborn blood stain out of the carpet! Thank you, Looking For Things! *ding*
2010-07-06 EclecticLee
"Looking for things"? My goodness, how did you ever come up with this bizarre yet cool concept? I might never lose anything again!
2010-07-06 nick007
I don't think this system will work for me I overlook things even when there rite in front of me in plain sight LOL "(It's a common misconception that women are clean and organized. In reality, women are just as lazy, sloth-like, and slobby as most men. Some even more-so.)" I'll have to remember this next time I hear a women complaining about men & I need to buy this CD 1ce I have some money saved or I see a great deal
2010-07-06 JonnySpazzAlt
fortheloveofgodpickupyourcrap.com XD ROTFLOL -- I was not prepared for that.
2010-07-06 dino-mike
Okay, that was freaking funny!!! Sure, it takes the "M" out of "FuMP"... but it makes up for it with a captial "FU".
2010-07-07 weirdojace
Yeah, I know a few people who need something like this.
2010-07-07 filkertom
Total agreement with JonnySpazzAlt -- that was great. "How did you get in my house?" "I let him in!" "DAMN RIGHT!"
2010-07-07 rick cormier
This is a great idea! Maybe you should let Power Salad borrow it, so they can find their Lost.
2010-07-07 ladyomniscience
Did anyone else immediately go to fortheloveofgodpickupyourcrap.com to see if there was anything there? There isn't, by the way. You guys should totally register that domain name.
2010-07-07 nick007
I tried checking it as well ladyomniscience; pickupyourcrap.com is NOT taken either
2010-07-08 mrwompy
The problem is ... when you have way too much stuff, when you move something to the right, you find something that you misplaced three weeks ago, and then ... 8^)
2010-07-08 nick007
mrwompy~ I think the solution is to get rid of some stuff. You could try selling on eBay or give some stuff to me :P Or you could get some storage bins & organize but it mite be easier to give it away
2010-07-08 nick007
then I can misplace it LOL
2010-07-09 Steph
Curse you Luke! BTW.....have you seen my sanity?
2010-07-10 Carrie Dahlby
Luke Ski, please teach this amazing new method to my husband... he needs even more help than I do when it comes to Looking for Things....
2010-07-11 voiceroy
Video, please! I'd comment more, but there's crap all over the keyboard that my wife left on the desk.
2010-07-22 kobifox
Kim: "That doesn't rhyme." Luke: "Shut up!" That killed me. Awesome job.
2010-07-23 kobifox
Kim: "That doesn't rhyme." Luke: "Shut up!" That killed me. Awesome job.
2010-09-19 peterfump9
Funny stuff!
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