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Carrie Dahlby Twitter Tweetin' 
This is my parody of "Rockin' Robin" as recorded by Bobby Day in 1958 about Twitter. The instrumental is by Bob 'Project Sisyphus' Emmet. The bridge features tweets from a variety of funny music artists: carriedahlby, thegreatlukeski, budsharpe, Alchav, filkertom, insaneianb, carlaulbrich, chriswaffle, devospice, dark_NES, MaxDeGroot, seamonkeymusic, kobi_lacroix, Positude, ToasterBoy, and introducing from UK funny music group Flat 29, Dan flat29, and RichJamesGreen! I did my best to invite all Twitter-using funny musicians that weren't too far out of my league, but if I missed you, please forgive me!

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2010-08-23 Waffleking
Great concept, awesome harmonies and funny tweets! Well done, Carrie!
2010-08-23 Carrie Dahlby
I just want to say sorry for messing up the Twitter usernames for @ToasterBoy and @seamonkeymusic! (Technically I also should have said "underscore" for @dark_NES and "dash" for @kobi-lacroix, also.)
2010-08-26 Insane Ian
Yay! Thanks for letting me be a part of this! One of your best songs, IMO. Awesome!
2010-08-26 lukeski
Actaully, it's @kobi_lacroix. Curse those underscores! Regardless, this is a great fun awesome song! Hooray Carrie! :D
2010-08-27 maxgoof
Thanks, Carrie! It's great to know that I am not too far out of your league. That means I'm making progress!
2010-08-27 kobifox
Great song, love the concept. The tweets are hilarious, too. I'm glad I got to be a part of this.
2010-08-27 BlueSquidDoug
Hate to burst your bubble, but this concept has been done. (A parody of Rocking Robin about Twitter.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DopuArSils0
2010-08-27 wildcard9
Great song!! And excellent guest tweeters.
2010-08-27 ProjectSisyphus
Man I gotta get a Twitter account now just so I can tune in to some of this...Insane Ian and Throwing Toaster's tweets killed me, do you guys write your own material lol? Wish I were traveling home today, so I could have truly tweeted this on a jet plane...would have been well worth the $149 airline Wi-Fi fee. And Carrie, NOBODY'S out of your league!
2010-08-27 maxgoof
Oops.... DAMMIT!!
2010-08-27 devospice
Wow Max. I've seen double-posts and I don't know what causes it but I've never seen so many! I can delete them if you want. :)
2010-08-27 stevegoodie
Oops.... DAMMIT!!
2010-08-27 stevegoodie
Cute song Carrie! Say hi to your dad for me!
2010-08-27 maxgoof
Steve Goodie, you mock me. :D Go ahead, Devo. I'd appreciate it. This is what happens when you keep returning to the page to see if you're following all the twitter accounts.
2010-08-27 stevegoodie
That was... silly.
2010-08-27 Blasted Bill
YAY FLAT 29!!!!!!!!! Now we need to get full Flat 29 songs up here!! Alchav's was by far the funniest. Almost fell off my chair.
2010-08-27 maxgoof
Steve is just having fun. :)
2010-08-27 stevegoodie
Oh Devo, you're no fun anymore.
2010-08-27 devospice
Just deleted all the duplicate posts.
2010-08-27 stevegoodie
Now THAT is what I call mocking. :)
2010-08-27 mrwompy
Excellent parody! And you actually parodied a song that this old geezer knows!
2010-08-27 nick007
I actually never used twitter but I liked this song. I wonder if all this was tweeted on SteveGoodie's jet plane
2010-08-27 nick007
This is why Steve was making so many comments here rite? LOL
2010-08-27 kobifox
Great song, love the concept. The tweets are hilarious, too. I'm glad I got to be a part of this.
2010-08-27 carlau
@ toasterboy POLO!
2010-08-27 lukeski
BlueSquidDoug: Carrie was unaware of the existence of that song when started making her song. The phenomena of two artists coming up with the same idea for a parody song is quite commonplace, moreso today than ever. As long the person genuinely came up with the idea on their own, and wrote the lyrics themselves without plagiarizing any other versions, it's fine for there to be more than one version of a song parody. Furthermore, in my opinion, Carrie's is much better, because it contains actual jokes that make people laugh.
2010-08-27 DJ Particle
Besides Luke, that phenomenon will give me more material for my "Battle of the Parodies" segment on Revenge ;) (When I did the 3 "Gump"s a couple years back, yours won over Weird Al and Insane Ian, btw *heh*)
2010-08-27 Carrie Dahlby
Doug: See Luke's comment. I saw that during production (actually, saw the beginning then promptly closed the window before I could have any of my lyrics influenced by hers). Thankfully Luke was on the other end of the phone to get me to complete my song & prevent my suicide.
2010-08-27 GX Echidna
Well, snap! I wasn't expecting Flat 29! Curse you and Luke for developing within me a minor addiction to the encyclopedic, musical audiobook. Well, perhaps not a curse, maybe just a comical pratfall. But to hop to the topic at hand, compliments to the song, both conceptually and in execution!
2010-08-28 terpette
Ok, that was pretty funny. It made my husband and I crack up. Of course, it is 7:30AM and I'm pre-coffee. Still... I clearly need to follow more FUMPers on Twitter. :)
2010-08-29 BlueSquidDoug
Luke: I think iJustine's song is funny. (And I think it's kind of conceited of you to think the only funny bands or singers are in dementia.) And I wasn't accusing Carrie of copying or stealing from iJ. Just wanted to share it, so Carrie could compare her vision with someone else's.
2010-08-29 dino-mike
Well done Carrie, that was a very funny and genuinely fun tune. I feel your pain on parodying songs others have already done...
2010-08-30 stevegoodie
Have you ever noticed that people who start sentences with "hate to burst your bubble" really enjoy bursting said bubble? And I love it when they then claim to be "sharing" and warm fuzzy things like that. It's just so cute!
2010-08-30 maxgoof
Have you ever noticed that people who start sentences with "have you ever noticed" then mention something that either nobody has ever noticed or something that everyone has noticed?
2010-08-30 stevegoodie
Ooo! Max, you mock me! See, I noticed!
2010-08-30 DJ Particle
I do agree with Luke. IMHO Carrie's version blows iJustine's out of the water. And I trust when I feature the 2 songs on Battle of the Parodies, the Dementia Radio listeners will feel the same way too.
2010-08-31 voiceroy
RT @twitter @twitterpated @applefrittertwitter ZOMG @carriedahlby funny twitter song @thefump #140charactersonlyplz
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