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Sudden Death Blood Guts and Boobs This song contains language that may be objectionable to some listeners and may not be suitable for radio broadcast.
The existence of the movie Stupid Teenagers Must Die reminded me just how much I enjoy movies like this. The 1980s, of course, was the heyday of this style of filmmaking, but if you look around you can still find movies like this being made today. This song features background vocals by Professor Pastronamy, Justin Emerson, Mike Eaton, Fossil B, Steve Bean, and The Great Luke Ski. And yes, that's Stupid Teenagers Must Die director extraordinaire Jeff Smith directing the action at the end.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2007-10-30 shoebox
Um...like...YAY!!! -=ShoEboX=-
2007-10-30 Balder
So SO happy we got a horror-themed song in before Halloween.
2007-10-30 filkertom
Excellent, as usual. :)
2007-10-30 lukeski
heh heh hee heh heh hrm heh Boobs! BOOBS! Yeah! Yeah! heh heh hee heh heh hrm heh, BOING-OING-OING-oing-oing-oing-ng-ng-ng!!! :D
2007-10-30 seamonkey
What we want/need on the FuMP? Blood, guts and boobs!!! Hey, soon I may have covered all these topics myself on the FuMP!
This is GREAT to have just before Halloween, THANKS DEVO!
My MP3 says "Fatal Error" for the album... who else is freakin' pumped for the new Sudden Death album like I am?
2007-10-30 The Professor
I had a blast making this one. Thanks guys for giving me so much inspired chorus material to work with! Luke, I may have to make a 'bonus beats' version of this for the Beavis routine you offered up:) Happy Halloween everyone!
2007-10-30 DJ Particle
Uh-oh....did Devo Spice accidentally give away the title of the next Sudden Death album? ;)
2007-10-30 djseamus
Happy Early Halloween Fumpers and Fump fans All! Though, I think you forgot the other "B" words......"Beer"! Or "Bobbing", as in "....for apples"!
2007-10-30 jimmyknocker
I want boobs. :D
2007-10-30 Molakwae
I introduced this song to someone else by asking them what every slasher movie required. I can't say I'll keep this, but it's VERY appropriate for the subject.
2007-10-31 Hurricane
I can't argue with the logic of this song :) Nicely done indeed Mr. Devo Spice and crew!
2007-11-01 rick cormier
Very timely and funny. Great job on this!
2007-11-01 Derwood Bowen
Hmm... interesting about the album... how soon until release?
2007-11-01 samuel_whyte
I'm amazed.:)
2007-11-02 chewy's brother
heh heh heh, Boobs. huh huh huh, yeah, boobs are cool. Yeah, I'd like, I'don' know, kick you in the nads for some Boobs. Yeah, but then, You'd be a chick and want to like... I don' know, what do chicks want? heh heh heh, umm Devospice?
2007-11-02 ProjectSisyphus
Brilliant. I'm reminded of comedian Pablo Francisco's imitations of movie previews, especially the horror-movie preview where he says (in nervous sorority-girl voice): "Where are you guys?Knock it off-this isn't funny. Hey, I'm gonna get naked and take a shower, ok?"
2007-11-13 Syrinx
This is like one of the greatest songs! I have been listening to it since the day it was uploaded. Obsessed with it.... maybe, just a little... but it's boobs! Better than going to see E.T.
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