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Dino-Mike Hands-Free Device 
A parody to "Can't Be Tamed" by Miley Cyrus about the absolute worst part of a particular "handi"cap.

Vocals: Dino-Mike
Produced, Mixed and Mastered: Bob Emmet

On a side note, "Speed Racer: The SoundTRACK" was released today, Nov 16th, which features my track "Speed Racer Wannabe".
Pick it up at your local music store, or simply order it online at AMAZON and support comedy music!

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2010-11-16 weirdojace
Yes, yes, yes!! THIS is how you do a comedy song about video games. Seriously, excellent parody.
2010-11-16 Insane Ian
All my fears, realized in song. Excellent work, sir!
2010-11-16 oddaustin
Certainly, one of the best video game based songs ever posted on this site. Well done, Dinosaur Michael!
2010-11-17 thedancingbuddha
Damn! That was well done!!
2010-11-17 lukeski
This song is the bomb! Soon it it will be blowing up the charts! Everybody give him a hand! :D
2010-11-17 dancingviolin
2010-11-17 stevegoodie
Tremendous! THIS is how you make fun of Miley Cyrus!
2010-11-17 jessesmithproductions
Really Great: Song.

Really Disturbing: Mental leap from Miley Cyrus giving herself props to a maimed detonation freak complaining that he can't game! Yikes!
2010-11-17 nick007
Good song Mike but someone here should do a parody of this talking about how slutty Miley is. The 1st time I heard it I thought Miley said "guys always pitch tents cause I'm hot like that".
2010-11-18 dino-mike
Thanks for all your kind words! @ Nick, try looking on YouTube, they're a dime a dozen...
2010-11-18 ProjectSisyphus
Yeah man! Thanks for featuring me on this, it's totally about time someone hit a MIley song and this was the perfect one.
2010-11-18 nick007
I'll look latter Mike. If you would of waited a week; you could of released it on Miley's 18B*day
2010-11-18 dino-mike
It truly frightens me that you know that.
2010-11-18 nick007
I know because her B*day is a week after mine. When I turned 26; the media was obsessively talking about how she had Disney World shut down for her 16th B*day a few months before she turned 16
2010-11-19 dino-mike
Well, Happy Birthday to YOU then =)
2010-11-22 Carrie Dahlby
When I heard this for the first time, I was actually listening to it on my phone using my hands-free device.... and no, I wasn't doing it to be ironic. Nice work. :)
2010-12-02 Spaff.com
Weren't the Grammy nom nom noms just announced today? I nominate Dino-Mike for Best New Artist and Bob Emmet for Lifetime Achievement. In, like, eleven categories.
2010-12-26 voiceroy
What this lacks in autotune overkill (it's a Miley spoof, after all) it makes up for through sheer geektasity. Great stuff, Dino-Mike.
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