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Project Sisyphus Hole Lotta Love: A Chilean Mining Musical 

In the 1968 comedy "The Producers," would-be Broadway moguls Bialystock and Bloom attempt to get rich by overselling shares in "Springtime For Hitler," a musical so singularly awful that the pair believed there could be no chance of its success, which would force them to pay the investors back the impossible percentages each was promised.

They just didn't try hard enough.

Our latest abomination is a thespian horror to surpass even a singing, dancing Third Reich. Much of the cast requested not only anonymity, but enrollment in the Witness Protection Program. Many thanks to Felice, Ava, Chris and Dirk for their stellar performances.

If you'd like longer versions of the songs, they are available as a medley on iTunes, which you can go there and buy. I don't know why you would, but you could. However, for FuMP subscribers the medley will also be included on the FuMP CD as a bonus track, time permitting. I realize this is sort of along the lines of the old joke about "Second Prize is TWO weeks in Detroit," but there you have it. And to complete the multimedia experience, we have Dino-Mike hard at work on a video which we hope to have up in a few weeks. Muchas gracias and happy holidays!

Cast of Characters:
Antonio - Dirk Rogers
Alma, Luisa - Felice Hernandez
Ramon, Announcer, pretty much everybody else - Chris Mezzolesta
Chica, Cast Voices - Ava DuPree
Additional Cast Voices - Connie Armstrong, Bob Emmet
Original score, script and music arrangements by Bob Emmet c. 2010

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2010-11-26 chicagofan76
sick, yet extremely funny
2010-11-27 saganth
Oh. My. Zod.
2010-11-27 dino-mike
Hahaha!!! This turned out fabulously Bob!!!
2010-11-27 nick007
This should be a movie. For some rezone it's making me think of "Cannibal! The Musical" that was made by the South Park guys
2010-11-27 ProjectSisyphus
Thanks guys, nick believe it or not I sent a promo email out for this and some people think it's for real. If JUST ONE theatre matron bugs Ticketmaster about tickets for this atrocity, my life will have been given new meaning.
2010-11-28 mrwompy
Hilarious!!! Great job!!
2010-11-28 stevegoodie
Absolutely stellar. I plan to be the matron that tries to buy tickets. Six thumbs up! Great idea, great lyrics, great production!
2010-11-29 lukeski
Hot damn, I love stuff like this! I want more stuff like this! MAKE MORE STUFF LIKE THIS! Hooray for Bob and Chris and the whole cast! :D
2010-11-29 Insane Ian
Well...it's gotta be better than "Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark".
2010-12-02 Spaff.com
I'm throwing roses and undies on the stage to all involved.

I laughed. I cried. I coughed up a black lung.

I want tickets too.

2010-12-03 ProjectSisyphus
Heh heh thanks guys, the comments are better than the song, Spaff I want to use yours for the print ads. NIck we talked about "Cannibal" on the podcast & I gotta check it out!
2010-12-26 voiceroy
Dementia ole! Nice work Sysiphus!
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