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the great
Luke Ski
OMGWTFBBQ This song contains language that may be objectionable to some listeners and may not be suitable for radio broadcast.
featuring Rob Balder
In this song, possibly the most geek specific piece I've ever written, I do my best to encapsulate about a decade's worth of popular internet fads as well as the phenomenon of 'leet speak'. Joining me on this tasty endeavor is web ninja Rob Balder, who is playing a character who is the exact opposite of that. Special thanks to Carrie Dahlby for the assist in making my human jug band sound more like something resembling music. Yes, everything you hear in this song that is not Rob's voice is my voice. Also, this marks the first time I'm using a major profanity in a majorly released song, so consider yourself warned. But really, if you don't already know what the 'F' in the title stands for, then your truly are a n00b. [Cue the "The Price Is Right" tuba FAIL sting.]

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2007-11-13 Voice of Kiki
Possibly the strangest thing you've ever done. Totally less than three.
2007-11-13 shoebox
This is just fucking nifty, and anyone who says this is not fucking nifty has incorrectly assessed its niftiness. Very very very very nice. You make Shoebox laugh. -=ShoEboX=-
2007-11-13 MarlinsGirl
very interesting song, Luke!
2007-11-13 Syrinx
Hahaha - I love the references... Luuuuuuke....Luuuuuuuke... We're on a bridge, Luke.....A magical bridge of hope and wonder...
2007-11-13 MrTuesday
TH15 50NG 1Z T3H U8@R L33T. LUK3 5K1 R0XX0RS MY S0XX0RS.
2007-11-13 DJ Particle
omg u r teh winz0rz!!!
2007-11-13 djseamus
Well, Luke, being the folkie that I am, I could tell you that your "original country song" ultimately came from the British Isles and traditional Celtic music; in fact all country and bluegrass music came from the Celtic tradition....but that would make me a total nooB and then you'd pwn my a@#$, so I won't say it. I will say that I enjoyed your references to "Cat Macros". You can has cheezburger anytime (with bacon, of course).
2007-11-13 Derwood Bowen
Loved it when you performed it at COTC, this is truly uber pwnage!
2007-11-13 Spaff.com
I witnessed the world premiere of this song at the Holiday Inn in Akron, Ohio. And no matter what else happens to me in life, they'll never be able to take that away.
2007-11-14 Foenix
Oh gods, when I heard the "Oh nose!" pun, I laughed long and hard, for nearly a good five minutes. Best laughs I've had in a while. Thanks, guys. =)
2007-11-14 LoonieBin
2007-11-15 saganth
I can has translation pleez?
2007-11-16 wildcard9
I heard this live at CotC, and I think Luke and Rob did it even better there. So how long before Rob is no longer a newb? Oh wait, this is Rob we are talking about here...
2007-11-16 Balder
I'm not a n00b, but I play one on The FuMP. :P
2007-11-19 Fringe
This song is teh awesomely 1337.
2007-11-20 seamonkey
Geez, just when I'd mastered ebonics up in this hizzy fo' shizzy. Now I gotta get in on this 1337 crap? Can we go back to Beowulf English or something?
2007-11-20 seamonkey
Oh, heh, this was a nice song Luke... no matter how much of a n00b i b
2007-11-25 NakedBrainStudios
OMG ROTFL LOL U r d 1337!!!!!!!1one11
2007-12-03 Peach
Bent. Bentbentbent.
2007-12-03 wmpiam
Dud3 d1dn7 your par3n7s 3v3r l3arn u nuthin?!!!!11!!!!!1!one!!!? 1 1337 w00t
2008-04-08 Chimidoro
3Y3 B0\/\/ +0 T3H C00|_ +H4+ 15 +H15 50N6!!!
2008-09-21 Baphnedia
Yay! We have music for http://omg.wtf.bbq.paradice.net/ !!1!11
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