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Dino-Mike Perfect Girl 
In lieu of the upcoming romantic holiday, I decided to write a love lament from the perspective of a man who has been scorned by all too many women and has now found the perfect girl who takes his breath away.

This is a parody to "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry.

Vocals: Dino-Mike
Back-Up Vocals: Chantal Doree
Produced, Mixed and Mastered: Bob Emmet

My new album, featuring this song, is available now at www.dino-mike.com.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2011-02-11 oddaustin
I see you weren't lying when you said I'd dig this one. This is awesome, man. Hilariously hilarious, indeed.
2011-02-11 weirdojace
This is hilarious. Weird Al level good, in fact. I love it when a parody's lyrics seem to fall into place so easily. Great job dude!

Everyone needs to buy Mike's new album. I've heard it all, and it's all killer, no filler. Definitely set to be one of the best comedy releases of 2011.
2011-02-11 nick007
Did you write this song about me? I'm NOT that desperate yet. This is pretty funny
2011-02-11 TheDrDon
Nice job Mike. Well worth the antici pation! :-)
2011-02-11 Insane Ian
Genius stuff, sir...well done indeed.
2011-02-11 THE_EMO
Oh thank goodness, I thought she was going to be a corpse... Laugh out loud! Great parody :D
2011-02-11 nflskins
Very creative, very funny. Loved it.
2011-02-11 crazy jay
Dino-Mike always seems to push the boundries! That's why we love him
2011-02-11 dancingviolin
"Why can't the Chinese make anything right?" So funny!!! I LOVED IT!!
2011-02-11 stevegoodie
YES! Well done sir. Now, if she could have only been a corpse... JK... great job everyone! HOV! YEAH!!
2011-02-11 dino-mike
Yeah, my master plan all along was to make you think it was a corpse so that a blow-up doll was actually appropriately PC.
2011-02-11 nick007
Your plan succeeded without a hitch Mike. When's the CD be out?
2011-02-11 davewhite
Bob Emmett makes everyone sound great!! Good job Bob.
2011-02-11 dino-mike
@nick... Pre-Orders will ship the 1st or 2nd week in March. I expect the album to be on CD Baby & iTunes in April.
2011-02-12 dice1342
Disturbing but fun. Good job
2011-02-12 mrwompy
Great song!!! (And welcome to the "Blow-Up Doll Song Writer's & Performer's Club"! Yes, "I Want A Blow-Up Doll For Christmas" was my creation.)
2011-02-12 ProjectSisyphus
Mike wants everybody to know this story is almost entirely fiction. It was blown up way out of proportion. And Dave, thank you and your check is in the mail.
2011-02-13 tigrrbaby
So was that supposed to be "in light of" the holiday? or in lieu of a standard romantic song? Because v-day's comin', oh yes, whether you write a love lament or not, there's no escaping it!
2011-02-13 dino-mike
Yes, Bob is definitely an auditory sensei. And thank you everyone for you're awesome comments. I'm glad you enjoyed the song =)
2011-02-18 novapoppet
So good I had to pimp it all over Facebook.
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