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Steve Goodie Calling Dr. Phil 
In April 1977 the hottest thing on the Billboard charts was 'Calling Dr. Love' by Kiss.

34 years later, on April 15 2011, Eric McGraw [son of famed Relationship Expert Dr. Phil McGraw] announced that Dr. Phil is about to become a grandfather, again. The baby's mother is Playboy Playmate Erica Dahm. That's right... Dr. Phil's boy married a Playmate and knocked her up twice.

And... on April 6 2011 Gene Simmons announced that he will make his websites and tweets multi-lingual, with automated translation software. Gene can now communicate with people around the world, instantly, in any tongue. Even a great big tongue. He is the master communicator now, as well as the Demon and the biggest knucklehead in the history of time and space.

What could make all these facts go together? Have a listen...

Instruments, vocal, production: SG
Electric guitar solo: Nancy Luca
Dr. Phil voice: Burpo
Backup vocals: SG and Burpo
Lyrics: SG and Burpo

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2011-04-22 nick007
This seems like it would be a horrible idea from the description but you somehow got it to work. Very creative. I'm guessing your wife is a fan of the show
2011-04-22 devospice
The Dr. Phil rantings are awesome! Disturbingly authentic.
2011-04-22 Insane Ian
This is great.
2011-04-22 Zel_et_al
Truly this is rather on the MONEY! At times Dr Phil uses phrases where one goes "huh?!" Being a KISS fan for FOREVER this is just GREAT Steve!
2011-04-22 davewhite
You make Dr Phil sound great!! What happened Steve? You used to be funny. Perhaps too many sessions with Dr Phil?? Niether of you seem to have a sense of humor anymore.
2011-04-22 dino-mike
Cleverly done Steve... and Burpo does a great voice.
2011-04-23 Spaff.com
Hey, Dave White, I gotta ask: What's up with all the negative comments on Steve Goodie's songs? At first blush it would appear that in one of his songs he punched one of your sacred cows. I don't get that, however, because you seem to be one of us enlightened souls who understand that well-targeted satire occasionally hits something we're fond of. So he must be guilty of something more sinister. Did he insult your mother? Cut you off in traffic? Sexually assault your dog?
2011-04-23 CaptNova
I'm glad I don't watch Dr. Phil. If this song is an indication; he needs the rubber room.
2011-04-23 weirdojace
I don't think I've seen this dave white guy ever comment on anything besides Steve Goodie songs. Obvious troll is obvious. Might be a David Tanny sockpuppet, but it's hard to tell.
2011-04-25 filkertom
Oh... my... god. My man-crush on Steve just went ballistic.
2011-04-25 SteveHarper
Another brilliant parody from Steve (despite what Dave thinks). One of the things I like is that the comments posted here are usually positive. By the way, it's also Ace Frehley's birthday on Wednesday.
2011-04-26 djseamus
Steve Goodie just gave us a prescription for the funnies......laughter, is of course, the best medicine. :^) I am embarrassed to admit, that like with Tom's new song, I had not previously heard of Dr. Phil's son's love life, nor did/do I care. Looks like I'm getting all of my current event info from the Fump ,where in the past it used to be from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Thank you, Fump, for keeping me well informed, and heavily amused. :^)
2011-05-16 voiceroy
Phunny Stuph.
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