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Steve Goodie Everything You Know Is Wrong 
This is my version of the bestest Al Yankovic song ever. Well, except for Hardware Store. And Lasagna. This is my version of the third bestest Al Yankovic song ever.

If you're as fond of this song as I am, you probably appreciate its really fast tempo. Well, I didn't like that tempo. It's not fast enough. So I made it faster. And I decided it needed more electric guitars and fewer keyboads. So I added some really crazy electric guitars and removed most of the keyboards. Except for one really crazy piano. And I added a bluegrass banjo breakdown and an a cappella section. Cause that's how I roll.

This song is the lead-off track on the new "Weird Al" Tribute Album, "Twenty-Six And A Half," which you can pre-order here. In fact, not only can you order it, but you MUST order it. Immediately. As in NOW!!

Words and Music: "Weird Al" Yankovic
Instruments, vocals, and production: SG

Fun fact: I changed exactly one word in Al's lyrics... can you find it?

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2011-05-24 Balder
One of my favorite Al songs ever, and a fantastic treatment of it. The single word that you changed from the original (I won't spoil it) floored me.
2011-05-24 maxgoof
You changed Steve to Al. Very cute. Love this rendition, and the banjo and a capella parts make it.
2011-05-24 j2n4me
Well, that ruled. You are an incredible instrumentalist.
2011-05-24 filkertom
Freakin' incredible.
2011-05-24 ldlang
"In fact, not only can you order it, but you MUST order it. Immediately. As in NOW!!" Now wait a moment, I ordered it a long time ago, so there! Oh, by the way, nice rendition.
2011-05-24 onib
This is a fantastic version! I also have to agree that the instrumentation was superb. I pre-ordered my copy last week and can't wait.
2011-05-24 lukeski
This is frakking epic, Steve. :) Congratulations on being so awesome.
2011-05-24 nick007
I bet the great Al would love this & so do I. I just pre-ordered CD
2011-05-24 weirdojace
Purely amazing. Which is why we chose it as the lead-in on the album. :)
2011-05-24 dino-mike
Great job on this tune Steve! A worthy cover indeed.
2011-05-24 Insane Ian
Wow, I'm glad my track on the cd is placed so far away from yours. This way no one will realize how much mine sucks by comparison! Fantastic work, sir!
2011-05-24 Balder
Way to spoil it, Max. :P
2011-05-24 DJ Particle
Nick: I assume Al *did* approve it in order for it to be on the FuMP in the first place. ;)
2011-05-24 oddaustin
Well... Jay Levey has approved it. This is fantabulous, Steve. It's track 1 for a reason.
2011-06-02 idget
Does this also count as a They Might Be Giants tribute?
2011-06-29 Carrie Dahlby
This is fucking incredible!!
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