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Power Salad Lose is a Four-Letter Word 
Leave it to the nutty folks at Power Salad to come up with a song that not only tackles sports but also grammar and the dumbing down of mankind thanks to teh interwebz. This is sort of a sequel to "It's Its", but not really. Sir Enry Salad luvs iz Cleveland sports teams, but they let im down evry toime! An' those louts in the blogosphere show their lack of linguistical prowess by spouting invective full of misspelled terms such as "looser"! Iz retort follows henceforthwith. Lyrics by Craig Marks. Music, production, vocal, Halion Symphonic Orchestra, Alesis QS-6 synth and acoustic string bass by Chris Mezzolesta.
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2011-06-23 batlrar
@chicagofan76, defence is the British spelling. Anyway, excellent song! I always seem to be a fan of the spelling or grammar songs, which I hope doesn't speak too many volumes about me.
2011-06-07 minkwheel
Ehpik Wynn
2011-06-07 Insane Ian
2011-06-07 devospice
Just yesterday a co-worker came to me with an edit on a project that said "loose the opening comment." I told him I would make it looser for him. I'm forwarding this song to him now. :)
2011-06-07 mrwompy
Just like you did with "It's Its", you have addressed another one of my pet peeves. Great song!!
2011-06-07 ladyomniscience
Thank you for this song. It's nice to know that there are other people out there who are just as annoyed by these things as I am. And linguistic rants are always so much more fun when they're in song form.
2011-06-07 maxgoof
Those who use "loose" instead of "lose" should be punished by getting the table near the band!
2011-06-07 Insane Ian
Next song should involve the beating of those who type "should of" instead of "should've" or "should have"
2011-06-07 maxgoof
I agree with Ian. In fact, this one should of been about it.
2011-06-07 Carrie Dahlby
One of my pet peeves beautifully captured in song format! Another four-letter word is LOVE! :)
2011-06-07 wildcard9
Ah, the joys of local sports teams. And how disappointing they are for the fans. Of course, I am guilty often of this mis-spelling. I think my mental spellchecker needs an upgrade.
2011-06-07 onib
Damn it, now I want a FuMP album dedicated to grammar. This was fantastic. You truly are a Strunkin' Wit.
2011-06-07 madmanOTL
With the song covering bad grammar and sports, I get the full squeee effect from this. After hearing this, I wondered why no mention of the 1954 World Series where Giants pitch hitter Dusty Rhodes (no relation to the wrestler) hit two cheap 275 foot home runs down the left field line in the Polo Grounds to beat the heavily favored Indians then I realized those who were around in 1954 (and lost a lot of money betting on it) are now very old.
2011-06-07 Craig the Silent Salad
My mother had tickets to the never-played Game 5 of the 1954 Series, so the anguish of it is part of my DNA.
2011-06-07 madmanOTL
My grandfather got very excited and emotional about game 5 of the 1959 World Series rooting for the White Sox and died of a heart attack on the day off between games. My mom reminds me of that all the time.
2011-06-07 seamonkey
My cat is afraid of today's kid's grammar....
2011-06-08 nick007
2011-06-08 nick007
Sorry for blank post. Accidentally hit Enter. I don't get this song but I'm dyslexic & not into sports.
2011-06-08 ProjectSisyphus
Absolutely fantastic, guys. Hilarious lyrics, awesome musicianship and orchestration, great vocal. This song will cheer me up if the Canucks loose to the Bruins tonight.
2011-06-09 dino-mike
Absolutely fabulous production! Well done Mr. Salad.
2011-06-09 voiceroy
This is the new theme song for Grammar Nazis everywhere. Bravo!
2011-06-11 CaptNova
Cleveland and Buffalo are two cities that have something in common. Both called the mistake on the lake and the sports teams can't win a championship to save there lives.
2011-06-11 PowerSalad
Thanks everyone for the comments! So who thinks CaptNova has triggered the next tune in the Power Salad Grammar Trilogy??!! :-D OKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!
2011-06-11 Adam
I have read threw CaptNovas' post several thymes, and can't find this "trigger" of witch you speak. Their seams two bee know errors.
2011-06-17 chicagofan76
Now please make a song about Defense vs Defence....chatroom sports fans drive me crazy saying that this team or that team has no defence!? what? learn to spell.
2012-06-29 Knarf
When "loose" is used as a verb it means "to relax or release". So once Chris starts shouting "I'm loosing it!" I can't help but hope he brought a change of pants with him.
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