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Project Sisyphus The Saw Song 
What's a Halloween season without a new "Saw" movie? This song allows us to reflect, as we move on to other holidays, just how much these cinematic masterpieces really mean to us. And how confusing it all is. This song idea and lyrics are from the incomparable Spaff. Thanks to Gailyn Addis for her exquisite vocals. Gailyn is a professional Marilyn Monroe impersonator, a profession that could have been mine were it not for a tragic allergy to taffeta. My daughter Maddye and wife Connie are singing as well.

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2007-11-30 Hurricane
Great wordplay, wonderful lyrics. Heh, this reminded me a little bit of the Evil Dead: The Musical score. Cool beans!! ^_^
2007-11-30 devospice
I'm glad somebody did something with these lyrics. They're awesome. :)
2007-11-30 djseamus
Cute lyrics, Spaff. they reminded me of "she sells sea shells by the sea-shore". But isn't it a bit late for Halloween? I'm already thinking about "frosted window panes/candles gleaming inside/and candy canes on the tree...."
2007-11-30 ladyomniscience
That hurts my brain. Very nicely done.
2007-11-30 dino-mike
Very clever. Well done.
2007-11-30 lukeski
Awesome! Or should I say, SAW-some!!! HA HAAAA!!!! YEAH!!!!
2007-11-30 EMC
2007-11-30 MattMan_1_00
This SAWng is totally cool!
2007-11-30 rick cormier
Nicely done, a cut above!
2007-11-30 czwrefsteven
Abbott & Costello missed Saw. ;-)
2007-11-30 LoonieBin
devo, you could've rapped it if you wanted...
2007-12-01 DJ Particle
This may be the room you die in....

(Backstreet Boys songs play over the PR)

...sorry, couldn't resist *heh*
2007-12-02 ProjectSisyphus
Thanks for your comments! Forgot to mention, but fans will probably notice the middle part is taken from the actual "Saw" movie theme
2007-12-02 ProjectSisyphus
Thanks for your comments! Forgot to mention, but fans will probably notice the middle part is taken from the actual "Saw" movie theme
2007-12-02 Carrie Dahlby
Comment for Webmaster: I couldn't download 192k version at all, and had to right click to download 128k version which I've never needed to do on the FuMP Main Page before. Comment for PS: Love it!
2007-12-02 devospice
Try it now, Carrie. There was a space in the file name. I fixed it.
2007-12-03 JonnySpazzbourne
No, I didn't "see Saw"...let's just say I can't handle the hard-R kind of gore-fests. However, I thought this, er, cut wasn't too bad. Still can't believe Spaff did something other than a parody!
2007-12-03 Spaff.com
Thanks, y'all, for the comments. The real credit here needs to go to Bob Emmet. He started with mere words on a screen and came up with the style, melody, arrangement, vocalists, instruments (including saw!), mix, production, etc., etc. The guy is a musical force to be reckoned with. Just don't piss him off or he may force you to remove your own limbs.
2007-12-06 VeroniqueChevalier
I love this song! Not because I have gone to, ahem, see Saw, but because I once won a Saw 2 t-shirt in a drawing at movie fright night. That tee is as close as I want to be with Saw 1, 2, or 3, except for PS's Saw Song. Oui! Whee! Kudos to Bob and PS!
2007-12-07 chewy's brother
Totally saw this one coming, but did I see Saw IV? wasn't that thing supposed to be done yet? is it the series for neverending sequels?
2007-12-20 seamonkey
I heard this one for the first time on the Awful Show podcast... good job!
Lemme guess... Garageband?
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