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Robert Lund and Spaff.com We Set the Dog on Fire 
Spaff recently* accepted a challenge** to parody Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire."

*Four and a half years ago.
**From a person named Cat. Therefore, this.


Doggy Stylists:
M. Spaff Sumsion: Concept and lyrics
Danny Larson: Lead guitar
Sage Lund: Percussion
Robert Lund: Everything else

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2011-10-04 weirdojace
*claps* Excellent parody, gentlemen.
2011-10-04 devospice
The Mediocre Show was recently talking about the concept of Edible Pets. I think you just wrote their theme song.
2011-10-04 scifantasy
Well done! For some reason "Labrador Thermidor" cracks me up every time.
2011-10-04 xirkerate
Woof Woof! *Ahem*, I mean brilliant, as usual. Another Billy Joel song you've ruined. I hope you know Spaff, that all the songs you've parodied, I can only sing your lyrics now!
2011-10-04 voiceroy
Well, my animal-loving wife would surely hate this and send it to PETA so they could send you hate mail. But it's a sick and twisted anthem that I can't help but find hilarious. Also kicking myself that I didn't finish my Dragon*Con 25th Anniversary tribute song in time to debut it before this one went up, using the same song.
2011-10-04 STrRedWolf
There goes Baltimore, which has more than it's share of pet mutilations in the past few years... but damn this is funny.
2011-10-04 stevegoodie
Clever clever lads! Now, if you'll kindly boil, stir-fry, or microwave the cat, my year will be complete. FYI, I'm also partial to hamster flambe. And I never say no to a big steaming plate of gopher guts. Two opposable thumbs up!
2011-10-05 ProjectSisyphus
Spaff, that was four and a half years well spent, I assure you. Putting the lyrics in menu format was an especially clever touch, although I picture a review with the headline 'Poodle Sub-Standard, But Whippet Good At Spaff's.' Oh, and does anyone ask for a...I can't believe I'm going to say it...Doggie Bag?
2011-10-05 maxgoof
Not often you see a long with that many puns in it. Like it lots.
2011-10-05 jessesmithproductions
Bonus points for avoiding the hackneyed easy "North Korean / Vietnamese Restaurant" reference!
2011-10-05 davewhite
I agree with Steve Goodie.
2011-10-06 Toff
Though I am a dog person, I still enjoy the song.
2011-10-06 Mind Map That
Brilliant! I rarely literally lol, but you got me with this one.
2011-10-06 stevegoodie
Sorry guys... but since Dave White agrees with me, I need to retract everything I said.
2011-10-09 Spaff.com
Thanks, all!

xirkerate: Forgive me.

ProjectBob: I did work in a doggie bag line. (I can't believe it either.) "Whippet Good" is perfect, though, and ought to be in there. OK, back to the drawing board. Expect the revised version in early 2016.

Dave: Wow, you've been so Goodie-damned agreeable lately. What's next? Bipartisanship in Congress? (HAHAHAHAHAHA - I crack myself up.)

2011-10-11 dino-mike
When I saw the title, I said "Oh great another 'We Didn't Start The Fire' parody"... but I gotta say, this had me laughing and then replaying it cuz I missed so many jokes. Well done all involved.
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