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Worm Quartet A Song For Worm Quartet To Sing With TV's Kyle 
featuring TV's Kyle
After meeting TV's Kyle at MarsCon last year, I immediately thought "I totally wanna do a song with that guy!" So I wrote one almost immediately, and several months later we recorded it, much to the chagrin of all the other artists who've been bugging me to do songs with or for them for years and have been gnashing their teeth in frustration because they never realized that my sole criteria for collaboration prioritization is sideburn length.

You'll note there is no "explicit" or "squick" indicator for this song. Indeed, this song is squeaky-friggin'-clean. Sorry about that.

This is from the upcoming Worm Quartet album "Songs of the Maniacs" which will be available for pre-order really damned soon.

Lyrics and programming: Shoebox
Duet lyrics: TV's Kyle
Special guest appearance: Some other dude

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2011-12-06 TonyGoldmark
2011-12-06 Insane Ian
That's it. I gotta start growing out the sideburns.
2011-12-06 maxgoof
Okay, this made me laugh.
2011-12-06 mrwompy
Pumpkin pie? Pecan pie? Pie are square?
2011-12-06 seamonkey
NOW I see how to write and record a REAL FuMP song. Where's "Powered By Satan"? We gon' jam.
2011-12-06 dino-mike
HAHAHAHA!!! This is freaking hysterical!
2011-12-06 EclecticLee
Alas, Worm Quartet has become a pawn in TV's Kyle's plans for FuMPcast guest appearance domination. And how many times am I going to have to listen to the end to make it all out? Oh, but it was funny, so thanks.
2011-12-06 lukeski
This song is made of happiness, whimsy, and win. Hooray! :D
2011-12-06 wildcard9
I am getting strange looks at work again from laughing at this song while listening at my desk. You two will be hearing from my boss shortly!! Oh, and what kind of pie are we having today?
2011-12-06 madmanOTL
Very enjoyable song. Kyle fits perfectly for this.
2011-12-07 STrRedWolf
As Kyle would say: Say whut?!?
2011-12-08 SteveHarper
Partially due to the title, I didn't expect much when I started listening to this but I should have known better. I misunderestimated you. It does need a better title though. How about "Stairway to Heaven"? After Neil Sedaka and Led Zep, it's about time for a third, completely non-related song with that title. Thanks for what you do.
2011-12-08 smyle
It's not often a song ... even a FuMP song makes me laugh out loud while in the car by myself. This one had me about to pull off the road. Excellent!
2011-12-09 PowerSalad
Hilarity hath ensu-ed!! OKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!
2011-12-15 voiceroy
That was fun.
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