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New Orleans SteamCOG Orchestra Taco Supremo 
Utilizing my famous acumen as a world-traipsing adventurer, I, Professor Milo R. Pinkerton, predict that in the amazing world of the FUTURE, delicacies like the exotic Spanish dish called 'The Taco' shall be enjoyed throughout the land. However, in the present year 1912, this legendary cuisine remains a rarity enjoyed by the privileged few.

Now listen and learn of its ultimate discovery hundreds of years ago by the Spanish conquistadors, as splendidly performed by my Hypno-Jazz orchestra, the Confabulation of Gentry!

(By the way, another prediction I shall make is that MY music will be shamelessly ripped off by my rotten grandson, nearly a century from now. If he is reading this in some future time, I have but one thing to say to him - you are a cad and a DISGRACE to the family name, sonny boy!)

Vocal: Prof. Milo R. Pinkerton
Backing vocals: Velma Quinn, Rene Constantine Structione
Guitar: Col. Edwin Turnipseed (retired)
Mandolin: 'Spicey' McLummox
String bass: Rene Constantine Structione
Flugelhorn: Salyavin Chronotis
Melodica: Michael Bolton
Xylophone: Mahmoud Muhammad Akbar
Trap kit: the COGsworthy Automated Percussion Machine

Recorded live to Orthophonic Cylinder on May 14, 1912 at the C.O.G. Drawing Room & Laboratory, New Orleans, Louisiana.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2012-05-25 wackyben86
Mmm... tacos. Awesome song from the early version of the C.O.G. who I must now bow down to.
2012-05-25 Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton III
WHAT IS THIS?! My own grandfather stealing MY music?!!? I'll have my revenge on you, grandfather! THIS WILL NOT STAND!!! (mind you, these tacos are rather crunchy and delicious, BUT THAT IS BESIDE THE POINT!!!)
2012-05-25 devospice
I love this. And I love tacos. I shall now bow to both COGs.
2012-05-25 Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton III
People, listen to me! Do NOT bow down to my grandfather! He means you only HARM - NOT FREE TACOS!!!
2012-05-25 DJ Particle
Think of it this way, Dr. P: You are a doctor, he is but a "professor", and if he's stealing your songs, then he is the one involved in temporal meddling, which could have dire consequences! In 1912, temporal science wasn't what it is today, and they may be acting out of ignorance! The "Pre-COG" is dangerous and MUST BE STOPPPED!!

((On an OOC note, song's great! :) ))
2012-05-25 wildcard9
Oh great, now I am hungry to make a run for the border. Prof. Pinkerton owes me a lunch now for being forced to listen to this.... song.
2012-05-25 Jeff Reuben
My office has been entertained the last few hours as I sing "Taco Supremo" repeatedly while walking up and down the hall. Well done.
2012-05-25 Insane Ian
SO, if Dr. P's grandfather was Milo *R* Pinkerton, and the Doc himself is Milo *T* Pinkerton...does that mean his father is Milo *S* Pinkerton? And what is his nomenclature prefix? Does Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton III follow in his father's medical footsteps, or does Milo the IInd follow in his father's professorial ones?

These are the questions I ask myself when it's late at night and the power goes out and I can't listen to this song on endless repeat.

2012-05-26 DJ Particle
The Pre-COG site says that Mahmoud Muhammad Akbar is from Pakistan. Only problem: There was no Pakistan until the late 1940s. More temporal hijinks? Hmm? ;)
2012-05-26 dino-mike
Now I want tacos... dammit... well, at least I live in So. Cal =)
2012-05-28 mrwompy
Excellent!!! Why do I now have an urge to go to my local Mexican phone company ... Taco Bell?
2012-06-01 Regel Gumm
Such conviction! Gonna be taking advantage of my employee discount at the Bell today. Thanks.
2012-08-05 djseamus
A smashing job done by the OTHER C.OG; well done good sirs and madames. The most epic song singing praise of tacos since Weird Al's parody "Taco Grande". This old-time orthoponic cylander recording (not sure what that means, but I like it) shall be played soon over the air-waves at "Shillelagh Safari with CelticED" in Vermont. Bully!
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