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Project Sisyphus Trivial Mysteries 
Sometime during the last year, it occurred to us we've managed to badly beat up much of the music we hate. So, we decided to turn our poison piano on artists we actually like. Of course, we at Sisyphus realize that admitting you like Sarah Machlachlan is tantamount to turning in your man-card. But, we suspect that ship has sailed long ago anyway; and besides, we also like Coldplay.

Thanks to six-string shredder Nick Kirgo for the electric guitar parts, and Disney Diva Zelda Pinwheel for channeling Canada's first lady of introspective song. No, not Celine Dion.

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2012-07-17 ldlang
Okay I have to admit I like Sarah McLachlan, heck I can even spell her name correctly. I don't always understand her lyrics in her songs, but that voice makes up for that. So I want to thank you for clearing up these lyrics for me Project Sisyphus. I liked this song parody.
2012-07-17 devospice
It's been a long time, Bob. We missed you! Great song. :)
2012-07-17 ProjectSisyphus
Thanks guys! And I DID misspell the artist's name, didn't I? Good thing we just had 150,000 CD covers printed that way. Sigh...is it me, or is it hot in herre?
2012-07-17 weirdojace
Finally a new song from you! Sounds great. The lyrics are fun.
2012-07-17 mrwompy
This is not directly related to this songs, but FYI ... I just clicked the link on your FuMP artist page that is supposed to go to your website (www.projectsisyphus.com), and a page came up that was all Chinese (or some Asian country) letters. Oh ... this song is hilarious!!!
2012-07-22 STrRedWolf
The Japanese took it over. Time for new hosting!
2012-07-23 dino-mike
Hahaha!!! Easily your funniest song I've heard! Love those trivial mysteries... and you blew my mind with the snow plow guy!
2012-07-28 Angelastic
Whoa, this is the same tune as 'Building a Histadine' by Science Groove. You could've avoided admitting to liking Sarah McLachlan (if that's really a bad thing; I like the two songs of hers I've heard) by saying it was a parody of that, and I'd never have known.
2012-07-28 ProjectSisyphus
Thanks y'all. Mrwompy and StrRedWolf, our site was shut down because we forgot to pay the internet bill. Our web hosting company, out of revenge, immediately sold the domain for some Japanese blog. The interesting thing is, if you use Google to translate the blog into English, it becomes some lovely haiku about a mother and daughter preparing cabbage. Frankly, it's considerably better than what we had up there anyway, and I've got half a mind to set the content to music. Angelastic: I'm nominating Science Groove for a Grammy in the category of Best CD Whose Titles You Have To Look Up.
2012-08-05 djseamus
I've always wondered why New Hampshire is nick-named "The Granite State", when Vermont sent granite down to D.C. to build the Capitol. I've also always wondered about this classic predicament: why do hot dogs come in packs of 8 or 10, but buns come in packs of 10 or 12? I'm surprised you didn't bring up the hot-dog thing, but this parody is awesome, Bob , Nick, and Zelda. I shall spin it on "Shillelagh Safari with CelticED" in Vermont soon.
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