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Nuclear Bubble Wrap Lizards in the Sky 
Okay so imagine like, in some galaxy like a bazillion million lightyears away, there exists a planet. And that planet is similar to Earth but instead of life evolving by the way of mammals being the dominant intelligent lifeform, it did with reptiles. And since we've evolved to think of a mammal's facial structure as something pleasant to look at, we can assume that a lizard person would evolve to do the same for the way they look. But we kinda think they're weird looking and kinda ugly, just as they would think of us. So these lizard people find us one day and decide that we're so ugly and weird looking that they wanna wipe us out, and we think the same of them. So we get intergalactic species warfare! Yaaaaaay!!!

Jace McLain: vocals, keyboards, percussion
Kyle Thorne: guitars, bass, vocals
Eric Zhu: drums

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2012-11-02 dino-mike
This song blows me away with it's amazingness! Great job as usual NBW!!!
2012-11-02 oddaustin
This song kicks ass, so much ass. It kicks such a high quantity of ass that my ass has now been kicked off. I urge everybody to not ever listen to it, lest they risk becoming assless.
2012-11-02 mrwompy
Yep ... I'm assless now, too.
2012-11-04 Danny D
I'm especially impressed with the line "'Tis I, the cosmic ostrich of truth".
2012-11-05 stevegoodie
Brilliant! Well done, Jace and Company!
2012-11-06 Mad Genius
I have to admit, this by far one of my favorite Nuclear Bubble Wrap songs for 2012. Of course, this just means I need to release my parody of it here.
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