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Steve Goodie Cupcake 
Boy oh boy, there are layers and layers of explanations needed for this song...

I play in a couple bands here in Nashville. In one of them, The Red Wine Effect, I have somehow been given the name "Cupcake." Okay. I think it's funny, so that's what they call me when I play in that group.

Another band I play in backs up Jenny Casey, a Nashville artist with whom I've written and recorded several songs. She has a very cool tune called "Woman," about what it is to be a woman and a mom and a wife and all that stuff. You can hear it here, performed live with Jenny and guest backup vocalists Kathy Redwine and Hollie Brogunier of The Red Wine Effect.

One day I thought it would be cute to change the words to "Woman," a really great song you've probably never heard before today, to make it "Cupcake." And that is what we have here.

I have no explanation for my Elmer Fudd voice on this, except to say that it's in a very low key for me, so Elmer just sort of popped out. That being said, however... if this song is popular with all you crazy folks, I may unveil a parody of a Red Wine Effect song, entitled Speech Therapy.

There you have it. Tom, the orifice is now closed.

Music composed by Jenny Casey
Lyrics, guitars, bass, drums, pedal steel guitar, vocals, production: SG
Piano: Jenny Casey

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2013-04-05 ldlang
2013-04-05 ldlang
That was suppose to be a thumbs up Steve. Life is so much better with cupcakes and your tunes too.
2013-04-05 wildcard9
From Steve's new albulm "Elmer Fudd - Live!" comes this delightful tune with a title that makes one expect a Devo Spice cover/parody. Excellent song, Steve, the Elmer Fudd voice makes this sound like a young child should be singing rather than the cartoon character.
2013-04-05 EclecticLee
It's a well known fact that cupcakes all speak an Elmer Fudd voice.
2013-04-05 EclecticLee
How much further down the road of obscure songs parodied can Steve go?
2013-04-05 devospice
Now we need Insane Ian to do a cover of my version of Cupcakes, acoustically, in an Elmer Fudd voice.
2013-04-05 mrwompy
That was weally a wackie wone, Mr. Goodie!! 8^)
2013-04-05 Insane Ian
@Steve: between this, Scooter Picnic's song, and Devo's rediculous rap, we could start a FuMP artist 'Cupcake Compilation'. Awesome, funny stuff here, sir.

@Devospice: Don't tempt me, dude.

2013-04-06 weirdojace
2013-04-06 Eric Houg
2013-04-06 Eric Houg
Totawwy half baked and covered in wayers of expwination
2013-04-13 ProjectSisyphus
It takes serious chutzpah to parody artists you work with. This is a great song, great parody and nice twack!
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