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Steve Goodie Dot-Matrix Printer 
So Bill Gates is no longer going to support Windows XP and all that hoo-ha. Fine. Screw Windows XP. Let's go back to 1983 technology, when we hadn't heard the word "malware" yet. And hey... what's better than a computer nerd? An OLD computer nerd who harks back to the good old 80s! (and 70s! and 50s!!)

Music: Paul Simon
Words: SG and Timothy Weber
Instruments, vocal, production: SG
Backing vocals: Timothy Weber and SG

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2014-04-11 mrwompy
Love it!! And I can identify with it, except my '83 computer was a Kaypro II. And help my geezer memory ... which Paul Simon song is this parodying?
2014-04-11 wildcard9
I had an Apple II+ and used it for more years than I should have. That is the one with the 40 character width screen instead of the standard 80 character one. I still have a box of paper with the detachable ribbon to use in a dot matrix printer (it's still good scrap paper).
2014-04-11 MarlinsGirl
excellent song. MrWompy the song is Hazy Shade of Winter
2014-04-11 mrwompy
Thanks, MarlinsGirl!
2014-04-11 onib
Fantastic!! Even if it does make me feel old. Actually, my old Commodore 128 just finally gave up the ghost last year - it was very sad. I still fondly remember loading up Infocom games on my 5.25 floppy drive, and then going to fix lunch while it loaded...sometimes it was even done loading by the time I got back. Also, I still try to explain to my nieces & nephews how it was possible to listen to the sound of your dial-up and tell exactly how fast the connection was going to be. Good times.
2014-04-12 weirdojace
I like being a part of the generation that's used to technology constantly being updated.

2014-04-18 STrRedWolf
Atari 520ST here, so I'm actually ahead of the curve!
2014-04-29 ThatCrazyCajun
Great parody, even if it does make me feel wheezy-geezer old. Just out of curiosity, which came first - the song or the subject?
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