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the great
Luke Ski
Orko, Slimer, Wicket, & Snarf 
The 80's were the golden years for cross-platform media franchises aimed at kids & pre-teens. It didn't matter what medium your favorite cast of characters originated from, chances were it was also being represented in other places, be it television, movies, cartoons, video games, Toys R Us, or even the breakfast cereal aisle. And one thing that was an essential part of any of these fictional universes, was having a character whose sole purpose was to appeal to kids by either being cute and cuddly, or by being the wacky comic relief, often both at the same time. But as many kids grew up and became 'too cool' for characters like that, they turned their backs on them and left them behind, scoffing at their former beloved imaginary pals as 'lame' and 'for babies'. I couldn't help but wonder what became of all of those 80's media franchise mascot-type characters and their similar Hollywood creature friends from that era, and how they might feel now about being betrayed by the generation of kids that they spent years getting paid good money to entertain. I'd like to think that this song accurately represents their feelings on the matter. So if you're about 40, meaning you spent ages 5 through 15 growing up during this glorious time, this one is for you.

The totally awesome music for this radical track was put together by the tubular TV's Kyle Carrozza, who based it on the respective theme songs of the four titular characters of this piece. This track is from my gnarly new album "4th Grade Talent Show". Until next time, be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes!

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2014-09-16 garnsr
"Hey, where'd he go?" was my favorite joke.
2014-09-16 scifantasy
Points for Oxford comma!
2014-09-16 scifantasy
Oh, also--first time I saw the title I half-expected a "Scarborough Faire" parody. You realize it scans?
2014-09-16 devospice
It was several listens before I caught the Beatlejuice joke. Now it's my favorite part of the song. Freakin' love it. I will confess to only vaguely recognizing Snarf, though, and not having any idea what show he's from.
2014-09-16 Jadasc
Devo: He's the Thundercats' mentor/sidekick, like a timid, fuzzy Yoda.
2014-09-16 Insane Ian
This is my favorite song on the new album. Probably one of your best tracks ever.
2014-09-17 EclecticLee
Scifantasy, I thought exactly the same thing about "Scarborough Fair"! And I also enjoyed the Beetlejuice joke. Which I guess is just a long-winded way of sounding like an AOLer and saying, "Me, too."
2014-09-18 ldlang
Thanks Luke. Being a full-fledged adult and working I wasn't into cartoons in this era, so only recognize some of it. Well done. I really need to check out your new album.
2014-09-19 ladyomniscience
Wow, that took me back to my childhood. That makes me want to go find some '80s shows and movies to introduce to my own child.
2014-09-23 shoebox
I enjoyed this a lot, despite the utter lack of T-Bob.
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