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the great
Luke Ski
I Like Kyle 
featuring Insane Ian, Power Salad, Dino-Mike, and Kornflake
We interrupt your regularly scheduled comedy music tracks that the general public will understand so that the FuMP can pay tribute to one of it's own. Kyle Carrozza, a.k.a. "TV's Kyle", who by day works as an artist in television animation, has been one of the Funny Music Project's most frequent comedy song contributors ever since being made an Auxiliary artist back in July of 2008, both under his own name and as a part of the bloopcore-quirkhop duo "Scooter Picnic". On October 4th, 2014, Kyle married his long-time girlfriend Lindsay, who is perfectly matched to Kyle in awesomeness and artisticness. Their wedding reception had a 'Variety Hour' show which lasted 176 minutes, culminating in surprising Kyle with this new track, a parody of the TV's Kyle song "I Like Pie", summing up many of the reasons why we at the FuMP all like Kyle so much. For more Kyley-goodness, you can visit his Bandcamp page, his Deviant Art page, or listen to the podcast he and I do together, "Kyle & Luke Talk About Toons".

Lead vocals: the great Luke Ski, Insane Ian, Chris Mezzolesta of Power Salad
Back-up vocals: Dino-Mike and Kornflake
Bridge monologuers: Devo Spice, Grant Baciocco of Throwing Toasters, DJ Particle, and Carrie Dahlby
Cameo at the beginning of the song: TV's Kyle & Lindsay
Music by Bonecage
Mix by Chris Mezzolesta

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2014-10-14 Insane Ian
This, like all of Kyle's songs, is stuck in my head. Because it's a parody of a Kyle song. And is about Kyle. I'm so glad I was a part of this!
2014-10-14 Insane Ian
Also, this is further proof that we need a compilation titled "Inside Baseball: The In-Jokes of the FuMP"
2014-10-14 EclecticLee
Yay, we finally get a parody of a TV's Kyle song! Congrats (again), Kyle & Lindsay!
2014-10-14 dino-mike
Hey, this turned out pretty damn good!!!
2014-10-14 madmanOTL
Seeing the title of the track made me smile and hearing it put me in a good mood. Since I did this at my boring, full-time job, people actually thought I was enjoying work.
2014-10-14 wildcard9
The only thing better than Kyle is Lindsey. Oh, and Farkle! I like Farkle.
2014-10-15 TVsKyle
Copypasta from FB: Y'all really, really, really know how to make a guy feel loved. This is incredible.
2014-10-15 mrwompy
2014-10-15 shoebox
I did not participate in this song. This is due to stupidity and distraction, not due to any non-liking of Kyle. Thank you.
2014-10-19 Todd Chappelle
I've never met Kyle, but I have decided I like him based on this song.
2014-11-06 Brother Osric
One of my favorite Kyle songs, turned neatly sideways by Luke. Well done, folks.
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