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the great
Luke Ski
The Twilight Zone 
Submitted for your approval... A song parody idea so obvious that no one even bothered to getting around to recording it and releasing it to the general public. Enter "the great Luke Ski", a man for whom the concept of 'too on-the-nose' is completely alien. Having waited 17 years to write a parody of Snoop Dogg about Snoopy, he comes to the conclusion that 33 years was long enough to wait for anybody else to finally record and release a version of the 80's classic new wave track "Twilight Zone" by Golden Earring changing the lyrics so the song is finally actually about the 1959 classic TV series "The Twilight Zone". In doing so, he has turned himself into the feared 'thing that goes FuMP in the night', writing descriptions with puns that not only test the Outer Limits of your patience, but will also tarnish his Serling silver reputation. You're traveling through another dementia, that's the song posted up ahead, your next stop... well... you know.

Music by Sci-Fried.
Additional organ and final mix by Jace McClain of Nuclear Bubble Wrap.

If you're interested in hearing any of Luke Ski's other nerdy comedy songs, visit his Artist page here at the Funny Music Project, his Bandcamp page, or his official website.

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2015-01-13 TheDrDon
Love it! I think I know what video I'm doing next...
2015-01-13 weirdojace
I had a good time working on this! This is a really good song for that show. Brings back memories of watching it in school in 8th grade. I had an English teacher who was obsessed with this show.
2015-01-13 davidtanny
Another hit from 1983: the Greg Kihn Band song Jeopardy that had nothing to do with a TV game show, but a year later....
2015-01-13 TuxKamen
Excellent song, always loved the Twilight Zone series and both the lyrics and sound clips bring me back to that. Also loved the Third Rock clip at the end
2015-01-13 madmanOTL
The 17 year old me who was disappointed the original song was not about the tv show and even tried to create lyrics upon hearing the song on the radio for that purpose is happy to see and hear this.
2015-01-13 DrVern
You Wanna see something Really Scary? Nice Job turning on the Nostalgia for a great franchise. That Music sounds pretty sweet too ;) Good Job sir
2015-01-13 Insane Ian
Incredible. The Golden Earring song has always been one of my favorites, and you have done the show an amazing justice here tributizing it this way. Simply fantastic.
2015-01-13 dino-mike
This is a legit awesome song... great work here!!!
2015-01-13 wildcard9
Excellent song, Luke!
2015-01-13 devospice
That was a lot of fun! Nicely done, dude.
2015-01-15 ThatCrazyCajun
A few years ago at a Worldcon Masquerade, a group did a TTZ presentation using this song. Among the episodes included in their costumes and skits were some of the same ones you used, notably "Time Enough At Last" and "It's A Good Life". This new parody of yours takes me back to that performance, as well as all the classic episodes I remember. Nicely done.
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