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Steve Goodie An Agnostic Gospel Song [featuring Andy Corwin] 
WARNING: This song may offend certain narrow-minded, stick-up-their-butts people. I'm looking at you, Jace McLain's dad!

It has been said that it is impossible to write an agnostic gospel song. We say NO! It is NOT impossible! It is, however, a colossal waste of time. So come on down and waste two and a half minutes!

Fun fact: This two-and-a-half-minute song changes keys five times. *

More fun facts: In Los Angeles in 2003 I became part of a duo called "actual size" with a clever fellow named Andy Corwin. We did a lot of funny songs. When I left LA in 2005, that seemed to be the end of actual size. But lo and behold... we seem to be performing together again. In fact, you may get a glimpse of us at FumpFest this June! You can find way too much info and music at www.actualsizeduo.com.

Words, music, vocals, guitar, banjo, bass, keyboards, box of Good-N-Plenty: Andy Corwin
Vocals, guitar, drums, keyboards, percussion, train-whistle: SG
Dobro: Rob Zucca
Extra yelling: Jacob Kantor

* This song begins in the key of C... then it goes to D, and E, and F, and G, and finally A. It's in six keys. That's half of all the possible major keys. Andy just thought that would be fun.

** I actually wrote one word of the lyrics. Can you guess which one?

*** And on the seventh key, he rested. [Phil 12:16]

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2015-02-27 ldlang
Well okay then. Nicely done. Thanks for an alternate viewpoint. I'll have to share this with some of my heathen friends and family.
2015-02-27 wildcard9
Ah, a nice classic song. Still as funny today as it was when it Actual Size first performed it.
2015-02-27 weirdojace
I absolutely adore this song. This is one of the most clever and well written comedy songs in your catalog. And I love those key changes!

Praise Steve.
2015-02-27 mrwompy
Don't agnostics celebrate Valentine's Day?
2015-02-28 carlau
Fun and funny! And they said it couldn't be done!!
2015-02-28 carlau
Ps who's Phil? ;)
2015-02-28 stevegoodie
MrWompy: Good point! We do celebrate (or avoid) lots of holidays, like Valentine's Day and Labor Day. I think what Andy means is, we don't have any holidays specific to agnosticism. I'll check. CarlaU: Phil is a reference to an old Mel Brooks / Carl Reiner bit. Anyone remember it? Glad y'all liked it!
2015-02-28 stevegoodie
Oh, and THANKS Jace! Indeed, praise me!
2015-02-28 Balder
Well done, Steve. This song has restored my faith in nothing.
2015-02-28 dino-mike
Great song... my only beef is that it took me longer to read the description than to listen to the song.
2015-03-01 seamonkey
Fun fact: I love Steve Goodie, mentally AND physically. What a specimen... and a brilliant comedy artist!

More fun facts: Steve Goodie packs the most fun in your fact on a FuMP song posting!

* You don't even have to listen to this song to get the effect as long as you read the lyrics while playing the instrumental of Paramore's "Ain't It Fun".

** This song is a testament to Steve's lesser known moniker, "Jesus of Absolutely Nothing".

*** The use of multiple asterisks makes you an asterisk-hole.
2015-03-02 adamf
You majored in philosophy and then became a comedy musician? Makes sense. :)
2015-03-03 madmanOTL
I enjoy the song. It will be part of my mom, don't listen show later this month.
2015-03-03 ThatCrazyCajun
You've accomplished something I've been trying to for years. Dang you and congratulations! Great song.
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