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the great
Luke Ski
The T-Rex Song (Director's Cut) This song contains language that may be objectionable to some listeners and may not be suitable for radio broadcast.
featuring Doug Walker: The Nostalgia Critic
Back in 2013, Doug Walker, a.k.a. The Nostalgia Critic, a.k.a. "That Guy With The Glasses" of Channel Awesome internet fame, came to me asking if he could hire me to come up with a short song for his forthcoming online video review of "Jurassic Park", the classic 1993 blockbuster which at the time had been re-released in theaters in 3-D. What he needed was an awesome obscenity-laden power hook to serve as the theme song for the film's best character, the Tyrannosaurus Rex. I Garagebanded up a quick piece of basic music and screamed words that my Mom doesn't like into a microphone, and voila, I had something that worked for Doug's review. Doug also had an idea to expand upon the hook, and do a 'song' in which the T-Rex in the modern world talks about its day to day life, the problems it encounters, and how it deals with said problems (spoiler alert: violently). He recorded some spoken work pieces as the T-Rex, edited it together, and put the track up on his Bandcamp page.

As much as I enjoyed his review and his song, I always thought the song could have been something more, especially in the 'Luke Ski actually writes and raps lyrics heard in the song' department. So for my 2014 album "4th Grade Talent Show", Doug was gracious enough to allow me to expand the song into something more complex lyrically and musically, re-recording all his spoken parts which I mixed into my new music and vocals. With added musical frog-DNA from TV's Kyle, the song finally became the ground-shaking, plastic-water-cup-virating epic that the greatest predator to ever walk the earth deserves.

So since "Jurassic World" hits the movie theaters this week, I figured it made sense to finally post this song to the Funny Music Project (a.k.a. The FuMP .com) to get you all psyched for the awesomest Chris Pratt movie to come out since the last 2 awesome Chris Pratt movies.

To hear more nerdy comedy music by the great Luke Ski, visit his artist page here at the FuMP, his Bandcamp page, or his Official Website.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2015-06-09 ldlang
Thanks Luke. Apparently I'm missing at least one Luke Ski cd in my collection. I've not heard this before. Cannot wait to probably be the oldest dude in the theater for the new Jurassic movie!
2015-06-09 Bonecage
I thoroughly enjoyed that. Nice job!
2015-06-09 Insane Ian
I love this. I dunno why I love when Luke Ski "plays blue", but I do. Looking forward to the eventual video!
2015-06-30 weirdojace
I liked that!
2015-10-16 Tzahnke
So I'm not the only person to have put the word "googolplex" in a song! I love it when somewhat rare words pop up, plus I have a bias toward numbers. "Dinosaur porn", eh? Well, the adult film companies X-parody everything now; maybe there's one of Jurassic Park (or even Jurassic World).
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