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the great
Luke Ski
Second Week Of Deer Camp (live at MarsCon 2016) 

Click here to buy the MarsCon 2017 Dementia Track Fund Raiser album!Once upon a time, a bunch of crazy guys and gals from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, otherwise known as “The U. P.”, otherwise pronounced as “Da Yoo P.”, formed a legendary band known all around the Great Lakes region as “Da Yoopers”. In 1987, they released the album “Culture Shock” which featured a song detailing what the hunters are actually doing during their annual fortnight-long excursions, titled “Second Week Of Deer Camp”, written by Jim "Hoolie" DeCaire and Joe Potila. The song (as well as “Rusty Chevrolet” from the same album) became a hit across the region on the radio in Milwaukee, Chicago, and Pennsylvania, eventually making it to the airwaves of “The Dr. Demento Show”, where it got national airplay. The song was later included on Dr. Demento’s 25th Anniversary 2-CD collection. You can find out all about Da Yoopers and order their CDs at their official website, Da Yoopers dot com.

Meanwhile in 1991, a young Luke Ski was asked to learn a specific regional accent for his titular role in his High School’s production of the play “The Nerd” (typecasting). His drama teacher gave him a copy of “Culture Shock”, which began Luke’s continuing fandom of Da Yoopers and their hilarious tunes by a bunch of folks dat all talk kinda like dis a lotta little bit what da hey dere now dontcha know, eh?

Last year at MarsCon 2016, Luke decided to perform “Second Week Of Deer Camp” to close the weekend’s festivities at the traditional “Dementia Smackdown” concert where everyone does covers of beloved comedy songs. (Luke also included the lyrics to the 1991 “Part II” follow up.) Joined on stage by his own bunch of crazy guys and gals from the FuMP, it brought our own annual beloved northern excursion of hilarity to an epic close. And thanks to permission from Hoolie himself, we’re able to bring this Yooper cover to all of you now here at the FuMP dot com. So, Yoop it up, dere, eh?

This track is an excerpt from the MarsCon 2017 Dementia Track Fund Raiser album, a collection of excerpts of live tracks from the comedy music concerts performed at MarsCon 2016. The funds raised will go to pay for the hotel rooms for the attending performing acts at MarsCon 2017 (March 3-5, featuring Comedy & Music Guest Of Honor JUDY TENUTA, The Library Bards, Luke Ski, and many more FuMP acts!). It’s only $20 for the nearly 4-hour MP3 album collection, and you can see the full track list and purchase the download now from the Shop page at MarsCon Dementia dot com.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2017-01-06 chicagofan76
Great cover of one of the best comedy songs of all time.
2017-01-07 gilren
Totally makes me wish I had been there to hear it done live. Oh well, maybe some year I'll be able to afford it. :) Great job on an amazing cover.
2017-01-07 artpaul
You did a pretty good job for a City Slicker
2017-01-07 Alverant
Great cover of a great classic!
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