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the great
Luke Ski
Everything's A Song! (Super Rad! Version!) 

The short version:

Luke Ski covers Carrie Dahlby's "Everything's A Song" in the style of The Aquabats!, making this the "Super Rad" Version of the song! ENJOY!!!

Featuring Genuine "Aquabats Super Show" Announcer: Mr. Lawrence!

Music, mixing, & mastering by Jace McClain of Nuclear Bubble Wrap!

Here's the video footage of my surprising Carrie Dahlby with "Everything's A Song! (Super Rad! Version!)" live on stage at MarsCon 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKs-JZOvSFs


The long version:

In 2007, the first year the FuMP existed, the first lady of the FuMP, Carrie Dahlby posted an original mellow-tempo happy tune titled "Everything's A Song", about how any topic that exists has the potential to be the subject matter of a comedy song. Certainly a sentiment that fits perfectly with The Funny Music Project's mission statement.

In 2013, Carrie surprised her bestie Luke Ski with a 6-months-early present for his 40th Birthday, a 2-CD set titled "Worst Tribute Ever", where about a dozen FuMP acts did covers of Luke's songs, including Carrie herself covering "Titanic Monday".

In 2017, Carrie and her kiddo Alex discover the ska-powered superhero rock band known to world as "The Aquabats!", and they immediately become their favorite band ever. They bought all their albums, watched all the episodes of "The Aquabats! Super Show!" TV show, and flew to California to go see them at a live event with Luke Ski.

In 2018, Carrie celebrated her 40th birthday, nonethewiser that Luke Ski had his own turnabout-is-fair-play gift for her to be revealed 10 days later at MarsCon 2018's closing event of its annual comedy music track. Luke Ski surprised Carrie Dahlby (& Alex) by suddenly busting into an Aquabats-style up-tempo ska cover version of her tune "Everything's A Song", updating many of the lyrics to reference both the Aquabats and also many popular funny songs that had since come out over the past decade since she released her original version. Luke was wearing his own home-crafted Aquabats costume, and their mutual friend Earl Luckes showed up in his own legit Aquabats costume as well to lead the on-stage dance party with all the other funny music acts that performed that weekend. Carrie and Alex didn't see it coming, and a great time was had by all!

The amazing music & production work for this track was done by Jace McClain of Nuclear Bubble Wrap, and that the TV Announcer heard at the beginning of the track is the ACTUAL TV ANNOUNCER from "The Aquabats! Super Show!", Doug Lawrence, aka "Mr. Lawrence", actor and voice actor known for such roles as Man-Ant, Plankton, Ralphio, and Helmut ("DORKS!").

Which brings us to now, when I, Luke Ski, am posting this cover which I have dubbed "Everything's A Song! (Super Rad! Version!)" at the FuMP dot com for everyone to enjoy! All of this was to honor Carrie Dahlby, a friend who I love very much despite our 'bad rapport'. ;) As Alex said, you are "Super Rad", and furthermore, you're a winner.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2018-05-01 minkwheel
THANK YOU SO MUCH for honoring THE AQUABATS, Luke!!! ---I've been a friend of theirs since '97. Super Rad!!!!
2018-05-01 weirdojace
It was so fun to work on an Aquabats style parody!!
2018-05-01 Carrie Dahlby
Luke, I'm never going to come up with the right words to express how awesome this is / was ("was" referring to the surprise live version) or how much it means to me. I'm particularly geeked out that you got the same TV Announcer from the Aquabats! Super Show! to intro the song -- holy bucket sticks.. Thank you for covering my song, thank you to Jace, thank you to all you wonderful geeks who got onstage with Luke, thank you to Alex for your wonderful cameo.... thank you!! <3<3<3<3
2018-05-02 Carrie Dahlby
p.s. Alex said the performance of this song was his favorite part of MarsCon 2018.
2018-05-02 dino-mike
Wow - this works TOO well as a ska song. Nice job!
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