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Rob Balder Muppet Laboratories 
Rob Balder riffs on Jonathan Coulton's "Skullcrusher Mountain" and comes up with a fitting tribute to two classic Muppets. This song was recorded live at PhilCon 2006 by Harold Stein, and that's Tom Smith in the background trying, successfully, to trip him up.
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2007-02-23 devospice
Rob asked me to post this picture taken during the performance of this song.
2007-02-23 Alchav
This is one of the most existent new songs tonight! Great for insomnia.
2007-02-23 scifantasy
All right! I've been waiting for this one.
2007-02-23 fuuberry
*cackle* I'll be bouncing around to this one for a while.
2007-02-23 Nateboi
I rather enjoyed it. GO BALDER!
2007-02-23 MrTuesday
Excellent! Althought I always figured it was Ernie and Bert that were gay, not Bunson and Beaker.
2007-02-23 Balder
Bah, I really should have made that clearer. He's singing to a female guest star. But you're not the first to assume that. :-/
2007-02-23 Joyful
No! It must be Bunson & Beaker! It made the slash fangurls quiver & melt into a mess on the couch. And Wife hit her head on the wall.
2007-02-24 hms42
And my microphone recording.... :) Rob - Thank you again for permission to record at Philcon.
2007-02-24 Nateboi
It's clear he's not talking to Beaker, because he's referring to Beaker in the song. Duh!
2007-02-24 lukeski
Yiiip yiip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip. Uhh-huh Uhh-huh Uhh-huh. Yiip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip.
2007-02-25 fuuberry
So, beyond doing a Gonzo impression, what's Tom saying in the background?
2007-02-26 wannablessedbe
*dies laughing* I just saw JoCo here in Seattle Saturday night, which makes this even more hilarious than it might otherwise have been. I'm still trying to stop giggling. I think Tom's saying 'What a weirdo' the first time, I didn't catch the other one.
2007-02-26 Wife
At first the song sounds like someone is trying to slash Bunson & Beaker, but then it becomes clear it isn't that. I just love the Gonzo part! Since Gonzo is my favorite muppet EVER! This song makes me happy! -Wife-
2007-02-27 filkertom
fuuberry -- as Gonzo, I say, "What a weirdo!" and "If you were a chicken, you'd be im-peck-able!" Along with the "Ba-domp-bomp-ba-domp bomp -- HONK!" at the end.
2007-03-24 BathTub
This one has actually quite grown on me.
2007-05-22 peterfump9
I'm not into the Muppets, but this song has grown on me too.
2007-06-18 LoonieBin
I actually heard this first, then laughed hysterically when I heard Skullcrusher Mountain...
2007-09-19 Enchurito
Saw this live at dragoncon. It was awesome watching Luke Ski making beaker noises with his arms pulled up to his wrists in his shirt.
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