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Sudden Death Give It To Everybody This song contains topics that may be objectionable to some listeners and may not be suitable for radio broadcast.  Squeamish people should not listen to this song.
featuring Carrie Dahlby
This song has been marked as squick and therefore potentially highly offensive.

I want to hear this song.
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2007-04-13 Alchav
Awesome!! Great song. And you didn't sing too horribly ;) "(got the clap)" appears in the lyrics after every line of the bridge; but in the song it's only actually after the first 3 lines of it.
2007-04-13 lukeski
UNEXPLAINED RASH!!! YEAH!!! A phenomenal piece of work from both Devo Spice and Carrie Dahlby. I've always said, when I want a good song on a LCD topic, go to Sudden Death every time. Bravo, sir and madam. Kudos to ShoEboX for the assist as well.
2007-04-13 devospice
Thanks, Alchav. I had it like that originally but decided it was overkill. I've updated the lyrics to match.
2007-04-13 Pooh Bear 27
I know I've heard a song very similar to this before. Tom Lehrer's - I Got It From Agnus. Wow, music can come around in many ways.
2007-04-13 wildcard9
I agree with Pooh, this song definately reminds me of I Got It From Agnus. It sounded good all around, even if the the subject matter was major-eww!!!
2007-04-13 seamonkey
Ah HA! So THIS is the song you were trying to tell me about... and the Seamonkey gives this one 3-1/2 shots of penicillin, 4 Handi-Wipes and 1 pak of Valtrex! - I haven't quite worked out my grading system.... Let's put it this way Spice, if you can make the Seamonkey go "AWWW! EWW!" then brother you've got a hit on yer hands! DISCLAIMER! Please see the # of discs I've sold on my website as to what the Seamonkey decrees a hit! Hint: the answer is zero! Great backing track as usual and YOU SANG, SPICE! YOU REALLY SANG!!! Come hug yer Uncle Seamonkey boy! Little lower... yeah......
2007-04-13 A-Log
First time commenting on the page, and this is a pretty good song. Surprised that it's a deleted track from "Die Laughing".
2007-04-13 DJ Particle
"Sarah Jane gave it to Sam"? ;) Ok, now we all want to know what the Doctor gave her ;)
2007-04-13 DJ Particle
"Sarah Jane gave it to Sam"? ;) Ok, now we all want to know what the Doctor gave her ;)
2007-04-13 budsharpe
Excellent! I finally got to hear what happened to those vocals Carrie recorded at my house back in February. Swell job.
2007-04-13 LoonieBin
I can see why few female vocalists wanted to be associated with this song. :) Hate to be a stickler, but it's "reckless."
2007-04-14 dino-mike
Absolutely Brilliant!!!! Definatelly reminds me of that old Tom Lehrer Song. But probably one of the best songs on FuMP so far!
2007-04-15 weirdojace
That was disgustingly hilarious!
2007-04-15 peterfump9
2007-04-15 Carrie Dahlby
YEAH!!!!!!! You got the notes!!!!! Sounds awesome!!!!! Great job Spicey (and Shoe-ey!)!!!!
2007-04-20 wildcard9
I just noticed: this was song #69 on the FuMP. Was that timing on purpose or just a funny co-incidence?
2007-04-21 devospice
Hah! Great! That was just pure, dumb luck.
2007-05-27 CWSensation
Nicely done. Disgustingly hilarious!
2007-06-21 geekonabike
Might be the best advertisement for abstinence-based sex ed.
2007-07-11 Hurricane
Holy Moses!! This is possibly the best parody out there today that may never be heard on the radio!! Well done to all involved, and this next bit is to the FCC: Gosh darn you to heck, let them play, don't shun them away!!
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