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Sudden Death Getting Old Sucks 
Some time ago I bent over to tie my shoe and somehow I hurt my back in the process. Rather than take my mother's advice and tell people I hurt myself doing a triple back flip on some really tough ski slope somewhere I decided to turn this little episode into a song. A big thank you to Thom for the music. I owe you big time for this one. And if you're going to be by the Jersey Shore next Saturday I'm performing at the Internet Cafe in Red Bank, NJ. http://www.suddendeath.org for details.

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2007-07-19 lukeski
Back in my day, we made sure to mention who did the voices of the old men in our songs in the song descriptions, you little whippersnapper! :P Back in my day, Sudden Death did songs on cassette players about being bored and rubber chickens. They didn't do the best damn rap dementia ever consistently month after month, like they do today at the FuMP! MAAAATLOOOOCK!!!
2007-07-20 Hurricane
No, it cannot be!! Being able to recall watching the Snorks and MacGyver does not makes us old- say it isn't so!! What was this comment for again? Oh yes, the next awesome hit by Sudden Death- it rocks and then some!! Now if I could only recall where I put my mp-whatsit thingy.....
2007-07-20 yoyogod
sigh. I remember the Snorks, watched MacGuyver, and used to play video games when they were a quarter. Thank you for making this old man laugh, you whippersnapper.
2007-07-20 minkwheel
2007-07-20 minkwheel
Damn! --it DOES suck! --I just left a post without POSTING! --in MY day... we had to buy songs like this on VINYL ALBUMS or discs called 45's...NOW, we just push a button like THIS...........OW! --MY FINGER! --Damn! --minkwheel
2007-07-20 filkertom
I haven't even LISTENED to this yet and I know it's going to be my new theme song. -- Yep, I was right. :)
2007-07-20 seamonkey
Ok. There is really nothing left to say. But you know I'm gonna anyway!
Tom Sudden Devo FIDIM Death Spice Rockwell, LLC is hands down brilliant. Tom, from concept to performance to production to product, you always know you're getting quality.
CONSISTENTLY funny, consistently entertaining and consistently well produced = THE HOTTEST DEMENTIA ARTIST ON THE FUMP!!! Hell, wanna go planetary with that statement? Try and challenge! A-friggin' + on this song! (not to go all eBay on ya...)
Luke, your old man can shake his fist at me anytime! (ooh, don't like the way that came out) Thom, I LOVED that swing/bebop track! Brilliant all around!!!
2007-07-20 weirdojace
Haha. Excellent. I'm glad to be 17.
2007-07-20 samuel_whyte
Hahahahahahahaha. Awesome. I'm glad to be 14. (I stole this post sorta)
2007-07-20 jimmyknocker
And I just celebrated a birthday this month. How appropriate is this song? LOL
2007-07-21 madmanOTL
Once again, you created a great song that expresses my opinions.
2007-07-21 ecocd
Another great SD track. I don't know why, but "... Yoda was a puppet" had me in stitches. Games for a quarter indeed.
2007-07-22 Derwood Bowen
Finally signed up. I guess this is what I'll have to look forward to in a few years. Somehow I try to envision the future, and then envision myself saying things like "Back in my day, there actually existed buildings that didn't say 'Starbucks' on them!" :p
2007-07-23 darkNES
Yeah, pretty much what yoyogod said.
2007-07-23 creede
I sign up to support this site and this is the thanks I get. Tom mocks my pain. I listened to this song going "Yep, that's me, yep, that's me, what'd he say?" Giggling all the way, of course. Next time I should remember to listen at home instead of work. My office mate can't decide whether I have senile dementia or I'm just plain nuts.
2007-07-25 peterfump9
Great song. What was the name of it again? ;-)
2007-07-26 davidtanny
Yea, getting old does indeed suck. Thanks for the song.
2007-07-30 Rattface
Awesome song Tom. Exactly when did being 30-something cause us (myself included) to be dirty old men? And I agree with ecocd, I still crack up at the back in my day Yoda was a puppet line LOL
2007-08-06 djseamus
Back in my day (late Eighties-Early Nineties) there was no Fump and I had nothing to live for! Great work, you guys. I hope Sudden Death tunes accumulate here like candles each year on a cake.
2008-01-19 carlau
brilliant! i love the musical intro of this song and how it transitions into the beat- beautiful. great rap.
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