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2016-09-27 (0 comments)
Holy Bongwater I Want It Now

We're doing an EP called "Mock the Vote 2016" for all the presidential candidates in this fucked up election! All the candidates get a song. Here's the Hillary one. Thanks, Primus.

This was supposed to come out last month, but making the music took a long time!

Julia Larson: vocals, bass
Jace McLain: guitars, keyboards, percussion

2016-09-23 (5 comments)
Steve Goodie I Wanna Eat A Big Piece Of Cheese
2016-09-20 (3 comments)
Insane Ian Doctor Who
2016-09-16 (1 comment)
Smashy Claw Pirate
featuring Dictionary Attack
2016-09-13 (11 comments)
Boy Meets Robot The Robots Will Kill Us All
2016-09-09 (5 comments)
Bonecage Everyone is a Critic (A.I.T.) This song contains language that may be objectionable to some listeners and may not be suitable for radio broadcast.
2016-09-06 (3 comments)
STICKY BISCUITS FUCK FIRST This song contains language that may be objectionable to some listeners and may not be suitable for radio broadcast.
2016-09-04 (9 comments)
Steve Goodie The Year The Big-Mouth A-hole Almost Won This song contains language that may be objectionable to some listeners and may not be suitable for radio broadcast.
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2016-08-29 (0 comments)
Darren Chraplak Yoda Sings Yoda
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2016-09-19 Devo Spice
Official Video: The Donald Trump Club March
Adele, Aerosmith, REM, the Rolling Stones, and Neil Young have all asked Donald Trump to stop using their songs in his campaign. Outrageous, right?! Makes you want to recruit an old redneck to sucker-punch them all!

So here, Trumpophiles. We offer you this. Our hope is that it provides the Trump 2016 campaign a theme song befitting its maturity level.

M. Spaff Sumsion: Concept and lyrics
Mikey Tagliaferri: Duck vocals
Robert Lund: All other vocals, instruments, and production
Devo Spice: Animatic and Storyboards, Video direction
Antonio "Mabs": Animator
Available on The FuMP Vol. 56, available at iTunes, Amazon, and TheFuMP.com

2016-09-16 Steve Goodie
Video for "The Year The Big-Mouth A$$hole Almost Won" is here!
Wow! Another zero-budget video from Steve!
2016-09-15 Devo Spice
Email difficulties!
We are currently experiencing two different email problems with the site. 1. No email to any @thefump.com or @fidim.com domain are getting through. And 2, no site-generated emails are being sent. Those are being bounced back to me and marked as spam. We are working with our host to resolve these issues and hopefully will have it done shortly.

In the mean time if you need any technical support or have any questions please email Devo Spice directly at [email protected]
2016-09-11 Devo Spice
New in the FuMP Store
The FuMP Volume 58 which features all of our songs from July and August is now available as a digital download. CDs will begin shipping shortly. Click here to order your copy.
Nuclear Bubble Wrap's latest release Multiverses is now available from our Store. Click here to order your copy.
2016-09-11 Devo Spice
Updated Shipping Policy
Last June we implemented free domestic shipping on all purchases from our store as an experiment. We have since analyzed the results of that experiment, drawn our conclusions, and have now implemented the next phase of our evil scheme to rid Devo's basement of all this merchandise.

We are now offering free domestic shipping if you order five or more items from the store. Any physical item qualifies: CDs, t-shirts, books, etc. Digital goods do not count toward the five items as they do not contain mass. And sadly, due to the ridiculously high price of international shipping, we can't extend this evil scheme to customers outside of the US.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to shipping you huge boxes of CDs for free!
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