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Steve Goodie Before He Speaks 

Right now, the candidate alienates forty-seven out of every hundred Americans
Right now, the candidate reiterates to the nation “corporations are people, my friend”
Right now, the millionaire is wondering why 747s don’t have power windows that roll down
What a rich ass-clown

Cause every time he opens his great big mouth
All his poll numbers go further south
He’s just trying to please the conservative elite
He used to give all the billionaires a real good laugh
But now every quote is a middle-class gaffe
Maybe next time he’ll think before he speaks

Right now, the middle-east is brewing and all this guy is doing is wishing he was Mexican
Right now, Barack’s feeling cocky, hell, he could be Iraqi and still get elected again
Right now, Mitt’s rebooting, yeah he’s redistributin’, dude, what the f*** ya doing
That’s your foot you’re shootin’

When this lily-white dunce takes the campaign stump
With all the wit and eloquence of Donald J. Trump
He’s a one-man, self-made, walking, talking Wiki-leaks
His breath must reek of Dr. Scholl
With both feet crammed into his big pie hole
Maybe next time he’ll think before he speaks

He likes pretty dancing horses and fancy golf courses
Next year when he speaks, God I hope he don’t speak for me

He’d be a totally excellent commander in chief
Blowing up anyone who’s on relief
All the welfare mothers sucking on the government teats
But then his mama told the camera that Mitt’s own dad
Took government handouts, ooo, bad, Mitt, bad
He better visit planet earth in the next few weeks
Yeah yeah, maybe next time he’ll think before he speaks
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