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Devo Spice What's Really in My Hot Dog? 

Hot dogs!  Get your dogs here!  Thick, plump, juicy hot dogs like grandma used to make.  Ignore what that bum Steve Goodie says.

Steve Goodie wrote a song and Iíll be ringiní his neck
ĎCause he got it all wrong and now I feel the effect
And if youíve not heard of him that would please me much
ĎCause he just writes stupid songs about cheese and such
He wrote about hot dogs and whatís inside
And while heís not wrong thatís what I canít abide
Itís lazy songwriting if you get my gist
He just got the ingredients and read the list
And I happen to be a hot dog so Iím writing
In my blog a rebuttal that is scathing and biting
Steve, what you did was just ruin the fun
Like a magician who reveals how the trick is done

Iím a hot dog (what!) pick me up at the store
Full of sodium and lecithin and so much more
Iím a hearty all-American symbol of pride
So forget whatís inside, never mind whatís inside (repeat)

Where my dogs at?
Where my dogs at?
Where my buns at?
And where the toppings at?!

Iím a hot dog, and damn-right Iím delicious
Even if some ingredients might be suspicious, but listen
Iím here to say thereís more to me inside
Than mechanically separated meat in a hide
Inside me, and this is where it gets wild
Are the hopes and dreams of each American child
They say behind every great man a great woman stands
And sheís got a hot dog in each one of her hands
I was with Washington across the Delaware
I helped when the Allies took out Hitlerís secret lair
I was with the boys fighting Charlie in ĎNam
And I guarantee that I have been inside your Mom
And like Americans, some are fat and some leaner
But Steve, I didnít say that you could play with my wiener 
Luckily for you hot dogs last forever
So weíll never fall victim to your futile endeavor
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