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Steve Goodie The Trump Idiocy Song 

He tried to start a Muslim ban despite our constitution
And he won't support the gays though he is tight in bed with Putin
While his cabinet is full of thugs who hate the blacks and Jews
And every story that he doesn't like has got to be fake news

KellyAnne defends him and the others in his cabinet
With facts that she makes up and then she casually calls alternate
Her boss is a neanderthal or maybe pithecanthropus (that's a primitive ape-like man)
While Spicer's in the bushes and the nazis march on campuses

He's got all our biggest assholes from the great big national asshole list
Marching and rejoicing nazis skinheads white supremacists
Don't care about minorities or kids or the environment
He is the very model of a mouthy douche-y president

He thought and thought and thought until he had a great idea
Fellas what do you say we go and screw around with North Korea
Yes let's rattle every saber and make jokes about their leader's height
I probably won't nuke them but then fuck it I just fucking might

He told us that he'd build a wall and Mexico would buy it
While Melania don't like the white house, she won't even try it
And his work is never done until he's caused a racial riot
And he eats whatever's on his plate if they Kentucky fry it

He's not allowed to profit from his businesses with foreign guests
They have a great big word for it, oh yeah, it's called emoluments
Golly do you think that might be an impeachable offense
Mueller's gonna try it, but I think we'll just wind up with Pence

His ego is enormous and that's the only thing that is
He has to use a tweezers when he takes a presidential whiz
Colluded with the Russians but nobody's made the charges stick
And if you don't make millions you had better damn well not get sick

He has a baby's temper and an orange whiny scowl
He tweets his wisdom from the throne while moving orange bowels
Have we elected Gilligan, or is it Thurston Howell?
He went to Puerto Rico and he threw some paper towels

He thinks that he can legislate with a hundred forty characters
While grabbing pussy left and right, hers and hers and hers and hers
He don't care about minorities or kids or the environment
He is the very model of a national embarrassment
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