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Lauren Mayer The Sexual Harassment Prevention Song 

The news is full of sexual misconduct and harassment And what to do consumes each institution But instead of trying to analyze what each remark or pass meant There just might be an easier solution You could do a lot of training, and encourage more complaining Or you could hire & promote more women Make everybody in the joint sit thru an hour-long power point Or hire & promote more women You could ban socializing and employee fraternizing 'til in rules & regulations you're swimmin' Have your board of directors hire inspectors with lie detectors Or maybe just appoint more women You could emulate Mike Pence and decline any events Where there's a chance you'd be alone with women Which is totally unfair - if you avoid us everywhere Opportiunities won't be there for women If a guy's such a wuss he can't help grabbing someone's . . .private parties Without being told his lust needs trimmin' Instead of one more chance to keep it in his pants Maybe he should be replaced with women You could give girls a dress code, making sure that nothing showed So that boys aren't triggered by young women Or that crap we could torpedo, boys could own their own libido And stop blaming everything on women Withn each story comingh through you could sniff, 'well, if it's true' Until the list of allegations is brimmin' But instead of having MEN wonder what to do again We might try electing more women There seems to be troubling double standard For men who have harassed, assaulted or philandered Liberals, we reject 'em - while conservatives elect 'em You could make a lot of noise about 'boys being boys' Or realize that's just lies and misdirection You could sputter & squawk it's just locker room talk Well, it worked in the last election How many times before have we thought we won this war Then nope, our hope kept dimmin' But things are moving fast, maybe change has come at last Cause we're finally believing women Because the best antidote is to hire and promote and elect and vote for more women!
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