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2018-06-11 Insane Ian
New FuMP Music Video!
Worm Quartet's 'Entire Dog' video now available!

2018-05-21 Devo Spice
The FuMP Volume 68 Is Now Available
The FuMP Volume 68 is now available, with all the songs posted during March and April of 2018 and a special exclusive interview with TV's Kyle and Linzilla.

The Belle Isle Rats serenade us with one of the most romantic songs ever posted to The FuMP, TV's Kyle sings of his love of coffee, and Matt Griffo tries out some back-door lovin'.

This collection also includes the second of Devo Spice's Stupid Rap Battles, a new superhero tribute by the great Luke Ski, and Madison "Metricula" Roberts' debut appearance on The FuMP.
2018-05-10 Devo Spice
Another Message from The Four Postmen!
2018-04-30 Devo Spice
FuMPFest 2018 T-Shirts Now Available for Pre-Order
The FuMPFest 2018 T-shirts are now available for pre-order! Order yours now and pick it up at FuMPFest, or have it shipped to you after the event.

Click here to get yours!
2018-04-30 Steve Goodie
May The Fourth with Steve Goodie!!


If you live in Wyoming and like funny, nerdy songs, this message is for you! Steve Goodie will be playing downtown Laramie this Friday, May 4th... it's Star Wars Day in Wyoming! Make plans to join us for a big goofy stupid time!

2018-04-17 Nuclear Bubble Wrap

We're proud to announce that through Needlejuice Records, Nuclear Bubble Wrap is bringing two of our albums to cassette tape for the first time. Both limited to 100 copies.

"Psycho Delicacy" on translucent purple tape

"Multiverses" on orange tape
2018-01-17 Devo Spice
The FuMP Volume 66 Now Available

As we say goodbye and good riddance to yet another year the artists of The FuMP attempt to bring a little joy into your pathetic, meaningless lives.

Steve Goodie takes on Donald Trump and the NRA, Pony Death Ride wants to tell you all about their bike, and MC Lars attempts to explain Schrödinger's Cat but gets distracted by Juggalos.

Being the end of the year we also have a new batch of Christmas songs, including songs by Max DeGroot who wants to be one of Santa's reindeer, The Courtesan & The Cabin Boy who tell us about Krampus, and Pony Death Ride who celebrates Christmas Tom Waits style.

Volume 66 also marks the triumphant return of some artists we haven't heard from in quite some time, including Project Sisyphus who poke fun at pop music, Robert Lund and Spaff.com who take on white supremacy at Christmas time, and Worm Quartet who celebrates his job giving him a company-branded poncho.

This album also includes an exclusive Insane Ian Tastes Tests video where he tries out Utz's Snow Balls, just in time for Christmas.

The FuMP Volume 66 is now available as a digital download. CDs will be arriving soon. Click here to order your copy today!

Update: CDs are now shipping!

2018-01-02 Devo Spice
The Best of 2017

The FuMP is proud to present a free download of our favorite songs of 2017. The FuMP Presents the Best Comedy Songs of 2017 as Chosen by the Artists in No Particular Order is a collection of our 10 favorite songs of the year as voted upon by the artists who submitted them. This album is now available as a free download and clocks in at an easy-to-digest half hour of music.

Download this album, pass it around, share it with all your friends, and join us in celebrating our favorite songs from 2017.

1. "Candybars" - the great Luke Ski
2. "My Job Gave Me a Poncho" - Worm Quartet
3. "Gravity Is Stupid" - Devo Spice
4. "Geeky Girl" - The Library Bards
5. "Gas Station Disc Jockey" - Power Salad
6. "Sponge Bath No Pants" - Steve Goodie
7. "Regarding Your Demise" - Smashy Claw
8. "Smells Like Herb Alpert" - Power Salad
9. "Just for You" - Devo Spice
10. "We Want The FuMP" - The FuMP

This album is now avialable in our store, or you can download it directly here: tiny.cc/fump2017

The FuMP News: Page
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