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2016-01-01 Devo Spice
The January Subscriber Drive Is Back!
The FuMP is happy to announce that our January Subscriber Drive has returned for another year. Subscribe to the FuMP during the month of January and receive 1 free month, plus a FuMP-branded USB drive containing all of 2015's music!

Click here to subscribe now.

This offer is not valid on one-month, non-recurring subscriptions. 6 and 12 month non-recurring subscriptions are priced to include the one free month. Recurring subscribers will be refunded for a future payment on or before April of 2016. The USB drive will likely ship in late February or early March.
2015-12-21 Insane Ian
The FuMP Proudly Presents"1,000 FuMPs"...THE VIDEO!
Directed and organized by Jared Ringold and shot and starring (the majority of) the FuMP acts featured in the song! Check it out!

2015-12-15 Nuclear Bubble Wrap
Pre-order Nuclear Bubble Wrap's new album, Multiverses!

Our brand new album, Multiverses is available for pre-order! Head over to our Bandcamp page to check it out!

Digital and physical copies are available, and this pre-order is at a discount! Be sure to get it now while it's available for $7.50 (digital) or $9.00 (for the CD). Additionally, when you order Multiverses, you instantly get six of the songs (Pretty Rings, Beatle Juice, The Fault in Our Death Stars, Natural Woman, Lone Ranger, and Healing Hand).

Also, if you were one of the IndieGoGo backers and selected a perk, you should have a digital download in your inbox now!

Track list:
1. Mindfield (My Brain Hand Touched a Hot Memory Stove!)
2. Dream Escape!
3. Pretty Rings
4. Andromeda
5. Beatle Juice
6. Dissociative (Ford, I Think I'm a Sofa)
7. The Fault in Our Death Stars
8. Brain Matter
9. Animation Reformation
10. Multiverses
11. Natural Woman
12. Lone Ranger
13. Fermata Over a Whole Rest as a Pun
14. Healing Hand
15. Time is an Illusion
2015-12-15 Insane Ian
New REVIEWSICAL by Insane Ian! "Call of Duty: Black Ops III"
2015-11-20 Project Sisyphus
Believe It
Project Sisyphus, famous many years ago for funny songs about pit bulls and Garageband software, is offering their first song in several years: a new release from the cast album of
2015-11-17 Devo Spice
Devo Spice Launches Kickstarter for Video Game
Some time ago my son came up with an idea for a video game and I have been working on it ever since. Now we need your help to finish it.

Visit our Kickstarter page and you can help bring a young boy's vision to life. A pledge of just $4 gets you a copy of the game. You can also name a character or appear in the game as a pixellated graphic.

We are looking to raise $1750 which is what it will cost us to hire a developer to finish the game. The campaign ends on December 8th. My son Darren is really excited about this, and so am I. Please help us out either by pledging or by spreading the word. The URL you can give out is http://tiny.cc/sneakymonster.

To everyone who has already pledged thank you for your support!
2015-10-30 Raymond and Scum
Happy Halloween!
Just in time for Halloween, Raymond and Scum presents the video for "Dumped on Halloween" featuring clips from Jeff Smith's short film, "Machete Betty." Dry your tears, eat some candy and laugh the pain away:

2015-09-19 Dino-Mike
Urban Dictionary Music Video!!!
The FuMP News: Page
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