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Derwood Bowen Facebook Meeting 
So, it looks like a new Facebook layout is going to be hitting us soon, against our will, AGAIN! Makes me wonder - what happens at a meeting where Mark Zuckerburg discusses with his crew what changes he plans on making to the site? Well, after coming up with enough absurd exaggerations, I put them all together into this rap of a satirical take on a Facebook meeting. The crowd is a distorted version of my voice mixed with the voices of Kristi Avery and Lady Blue [a.k.a. "The Minister Doing Nothing and Getting Paid For It"]

2012-01-30 wildcard9
Where's the like button for this song?
2012-01-30 Jeff Reuben
Is this change the "timeline" format or are they dumping another one on us. Funny stuff, I enjoyed this.
2012-01-30 Derwood Bowen
Yeah, the timeline. Glad you both like this!
2012-02-06 artpaul
I like this song. Very funny. But didn't understand what the crowds were yelling.
2012-03-13 madmanOTL
As I stated upon seeing this live at Marscon, I found the song well done.
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