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Derwood Bowen 2012 Debunked [Parts 1 and 2] 
Okay, I'm going to state now I don't believe the doomsday hype brought about by the Mayan calendar is actually going to happen. I will get to why in parts 3-5, but I have to start with a briefing on the Mayan calendars, in order to establish the grounds for what the doomsday beliefs are based off of. Part 1 of this piece consists of a little music I made to try to sound like Mayan music, followed by a rock introduction that ends with my beliefs about when the world will end ["No one knows the hour or the day"]. Part 2 then is used to slightly educate on the 2 basic calendars the Mayans use, and also poke fun at both of them. The Tzolkin is a 260 day calendar consisting of 13 uinals [20 day months] and was used for commonn ceremonial or religious events. However, for agricultural purposes, they used a calendar called the Haab which consisted of 18 uinals, resulting in 360 days, but to fit to the solar year, they had to add in 5 extra days they called the wayeb, which were considered dangerous times where the gods would rest and leave the Earth protected, so they peformed ceremonies and rituals without leaving their homes in order to protect themselves, hoping the gods would come back. So, Parts 1-2 of my 2012 Debunked song should hopefully educate you a little bit, and also entertain you as I poke fun at the Mayan calendars. I will also point out that this is a parody of "Overture" and "The Temples of Syrinx," Parts 1 and 2 of the track "2112" by Rush. Yes, I do have a plan for all 7 parts, you have been warned!

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