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Derwood Bowen I Parodied This, WHY?!?!?! 
In an act of sheer stupidity, I decided to throw this together for the FuMP Sideshow for April Fool's Day. It's a parody of "You Suffer" by Napalm Death, the Guinness Book of World Records holder for shortest song, and consequently, this will probably be the shortest song on the FuMP! And yes, the song title is also the lyrics.
2012-04-01 DJ Particle
Well played! :)
2012-04-01 Jeff Reuben
2012-04-01 weirdojace
2012-04-01 Insane Ian
Man, now there are TWO songs shorter than my "shortest songs"...well done!
2012-04-01 wildcard9
too long, didn't listen
2012-04-03 STrRedWolf
This song needs Viagra or Cialis...
2012-04-19 bordercollie
If you thought of doing a parody of the world's shortest song and didn't do it you would surely die. And you know this so that's why you did it.
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