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Derwood Bowen 2012 Debunked [Parts 3 and 4] 
First of all, if you haven't heard Parts 1 and 2, listen to them first [I've got them here on the Sideshow]. Parts 3 and 4 now parody Parts 3 and 4 of Rush's "2112." Part 3 centers on a Mayan shaman who goes to eat lunch, but winds up eating psilocybin mushrooms [hallucinogenic mushrooms, essentially causing him to see things we wouldn't see without hallucinating] and this is where he gets the word that the end of the Long Count calendar may mean more than just that. [Having done my research, I learned that the people that made this discovery did so under the influence of the psilocybin mushrooms, or in other words, while they were doing 'shrooms]. In Part 4, this shaman goes to tell some of the Mayan higher-ups about what he was told through the mushrooms, but even the Mayans dismiss it as hogwash [and in fact, it's true today, that Mayan scholars believe that the idea of the world actually ending on that day is hogwash]. I still have yet to write Parts 5-7, but hang in there! :]

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