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Chris Wolvie Avengers Disassembled [Director's Cut] 
Intrepid [and mildly insane] reporter Chris Wolvie heads to the headquarters of the Avengers, where Iron Man sounds like LMFAO, Thor like Lady Gaga, Hulk like Nuclear Bubble Wrap, Captain America like Maroon 5, Loki like Insane Ian and Nick Fury like...well, like himself. This is an extended version from the "Radio Cut" played on Dr. Demento. It includes some slightly extended cuts, a longer version of Loki's talk and the inclusion of Nick Fury [with Pvt. Wilhelm's help].
2012-05-02 Insane Ian
I really rather enjoyed this. Well done!
2012-05-04 wildcard9
I am laughing my head off on this one. VERY well done!!
2012-05-05 STrRedWolf
Where's your site? It got chopped off the artist page.
2012-05-05 ChrisWolvie
(RE: STrRedWolf's question) I have none currently. Maybe in the near future.
2012-05-10 onib
This came out fantastically. Very funny stuff.
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