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Jake Waters Recalled Christmas 
I only ever feel like writing a holiday song during the holiday season, when things couldn't be more busy. This year I somehow got around to writing and recording this song about the toy recalls that have taken place recently. I'll admit, this song was a little rushed, what with this busy time of year and all, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.
2007-12-17 Spaff.com
I think that I'll be hanging on to *this*.
2007-12-17 The Professor
The aquadots refrain definitely makes the song, nice work!
2007-12-17 djseamus
The line about Curious George is hilarious. Great stuff, Jake, I would have to say the song doesn't feel rushed at all...it's just a little short. But what are "aquadots"? And "GHP"? A Merry Asbestos Christmas to all!
2007-12-17 leapetra
This song give me nightmares, because at my work it is part of my job to pull those items off the shelves. Most of the college kids that work with me joked that they should have bought the Aquadots.
2007-12-17 JakeWaters
Wow! Thanks for the all the comments and compliments! djseamus, Aquadots (aka Bindeez in Australia)are are small beads that can be arranged to make designs, then when sprayed with water, they bind together. It was discovered that they contain an organic compound that when metabolized turns to GHB, or "the date rape drug"
2007-12-18 djseamus
hmmm...that would certainly make a kid's arts and crafts time much more interesting. :^)
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