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Poobox of Sperm Quartet Klaus Are You AIDS/Shoebox Are You Gonorrhea 
From my live performance at Con on the Cob last month, I did a cover of a really stupid song that Shoebox posted to the FuMP Sideshow under a skewing of my name, and then I made a stupid rebuttal song just because I thought it'd be fun, and just to see what kind of reaction I'd get from him!
2012-11-11 wildcard9
Oh, now you've done it!!
2012-11-11 TVsKyle
All of my brains hurt.
2012-11-11 shoebox
There's beating a dead horse and then there's beating a horse that's actively biting you. And then, of course, there's biting the horse that's beaten by others, and biting others while the horse beats you. Plenty of options vis-a-vis horses, beating, and biting. I see you have selected an option that either is or is not included in this subset, and that there are words that rhyme in some of this, and that diseases. Also, as I typed this, I realized something very important.
2012-11-12 PowerSalad
"You don't Nomi.........." Not to make this a personal at-TAK or anything, but......
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