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Art Paul Schlosser Sprinkles On My Donut 
It's song about how the world would be better with sprinkles on it. It was inspired by my sons desire to have sprinkles on his donut.
2013-06-08 wildcard9
I don't care how many sprinkles you use, it will never work on grumpy cat.
2013-06-09 maxgoof
Congrats, Art. This is the funniest thing you've put out in quite a while. I wonder who was singing with you, though.
2013-06-10 artpaul
It's a live recording that was done at WSUM radio station here in Madison and Fundamental Pete from the Ass Jamery radio show is singing with me.
2013-06-23 djseamus
The whole world needs sprinkles! Some people here in Vermont call them "Jimmies", and that's just wrong!!! Jimmy does not posess them; they are not Jimmy's. Anyway, great song Art and Pete. Nice to hear the spoons and kazoo getting their props too.
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