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Scott Rose The Caulk Sucker 
Hey my friends, thank you for the support that you gave in this test market. Unfortunately, I can not justify spending the money to compete the project. I want to leave you with the Kick off song. Thank you again. I'll miss you mother FUMPers. Scott Rose. Out.
2007-12-30 DJ Particle
Awwww....we're gonna miss you! *hughugs*
2007-12-30 peterfump9
What a bummer! We'll miss you, Scott!
2008-01-01 hms42
Song was not downloading on 1/1/08
2008-01-10 czwrefsteven
You will be missed. I really enjoyed your stuff and was hopeing to see a cd from you in 2008. Hope you come into a winning lottery ticket so you can finish your project.
2008-01-26 hms42
Song does not work 1/25/08. :(
2008-01-26 hms42
Error was on my end. Sorry you decided to stop contributing.
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