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Derwood Bowen Mountain Dew Addict [New Version] 
When I made music from 2005-2008, I had a cheap keyboard that made my music sound like MIDI files, I kind of sucked at recording, and wasn't really putting that much effort into my vocals either. Now that my music has improved greatly, I am working on re-recording 28 of my older songs for a compilation I will be calling "Derwood Bowen Throwbacks." Obviously, the pop name inspired the album title, and it only seems appropriate that the first re-recording I post is my Mountain Dew related song, a parody of "Love Addict" by Family Force 5! And here's my old recording of it, if you want to hear the difference. http://thefump.com/side.php?id=30

2013-12-12 wildcard9
This is a great updated version of the song. The improvements are very noticeable.
2013-12-13 oddaustin
Dude, this is some major improvement, Good work!
2013-12-13 weirdojace
You are getting better.
2013-12-13 Derwood Bowen
Thanks for the positive vibes, everyone. :)
2013-12-15 DJ Particle
Nice! The only complain I have is that you're encoding your songs at 32MHz, which some playback programs have trouble with. The usual universal standard for MP3 is 44.1 MHz.
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