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Anthony ''A-Log'' LoGatto Hey Spidey! '14 
Our intrepid reporter, A-Log, goes on the interview trail again; this year, it's everybody's favorite web-head, Spider Man! However, his answers make him sound a lot like today's popular artists. And that goes double for foes like Electro and Green Goblin. Consider this a sequel to Whimsical Will's "Hey Spidey!" back in 2004. Enjoy the latest Summer Movie Adventure from the host of "A-Log on the Airwaves"!
2014-05-04 adamf
What was the "throw up" clip from? It sounded like Weird Al but googling didn't reveal anything.
2014-05-04 Alverant
When are superheroes going to learn, when the villain is holding a hostage in the air, NEVER say "Drop the hostage!" Seriously it used to be funny, but now it's just lazy script writing.
2014-05-09 wildcard9
Dickie Goodie and Whimiscal Will should be proud that this tradition is being continued. Excellent work, you get better with each one of these that you do.
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